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We made our big move to Rome. Learning Italian has been exhausting and magical.

You’re constantly immersed in the language in a new country, whether you have the energy for it or not

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This is the third comic in a series on moving to Italy. Read the first and second.

We stepped off the plane in Rome and into a new world of words. Although the city is full of tourists and many people speak English, it often doesn’t help at our local market or cafe.

A local's guide to Rome

To learn Italian, we’re attending Kappa Language School. Outside of class, I’m learning on the fly. Italians are happy to teach me a new word and are mostly responsive to my pleas of “Parlare più lentamente, per favore!” (“Please speak slower!”). As a professional storyteller, being at a loss for words is one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever experienced. I have to keep reminding myself that the important thing when learning a language is to just try.