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What moving to Rome taught me about myself

I saw the move to Italy as a ticket to a new me. But I learned self-reinvention takes time and a lot of effort.

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This is the fourth comic in a series on moving to Italy. Read the first, second and third.

At the start of Frances Mayes’s memoir “Under the Tuscan Sun,” Mayes finds herself divorced and living in a crummy apartment. I won’t walk you through the whole story, but in the end she finds herself happy in a beautiful villa in Tuscany, life changed for the better. I would be lying if I said I didn’t have some delusions of my own about our move to Rome. New city, new language, new me! But, as Mayes could’ve probably told me, a self-reinvention takes time and effort. And my new city was making it tough to keep the rose-colored glasses on my face.