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What was the best airport meal of your life? We want to know.

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Airport restaurants don’t have the best reputations. The guarantee of a captive audience means they don’t have to try especially hard. The inescapable blandness of a busy concourse is difficult to escape. The number of corporate vendors like Auntie Anne’s and Chili’s Too bring mall concessions stands to mind.

Consuming mindless calories after clearing security is to be expected, but exceptions to the rule — like an outpost of a locally trusted brand — offer hope. Due to an increasing number of flight delays and cancellations, we’re all more likely to need an airport restaurant, even if we’d rather save our appetites for our destination.

Whether you’re the type to order a lumberjack’s breakfast at an airport diner or forage from Hudson News before sprinting to your gate, we all have to eat.

So we want to know: What was the best airport meal of your life? Answer in the form below or at this link. Your response may be used in a story.