Want to escape your family holiday? Plan a trip with this quiz.

How to break out of your routine, even if you can’t get away from family

When the holidays arrive, Americans cling tight to tradition. It doesn’t matter how ugly the sweater, how ill-fitting the pajamas, how bland the casserole: If it’s a family ritual, changing the script can seem unthinkable. It’s assumed that you’ll dive headlong into the most crowded travel days of the year to get home and participate.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Maybe you don’t need to trek to see your parents, your in-laws or your out-of-town chosen family right now. Maybe this year — after almost three years of a brutal pandemic — you deserve a great escape.

[This holiday, give yourself the gift of a vacation away from family]

If you do decide to ditch your typical holiday routine, you won’t be alone. Airline earnings are all the way back. AAA predicts that 54.6 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more away from home for Thanksgiving. Booking app Hopper says about 25 percent of travelers are going international for Thanksgiving or Christmas, to places such as Dublin; Cancún, Mexico; and Doha, Qatar, the capital city of the 2022 World Cup.

If you’re feeling so bold, we’re here to help you plan your spontaneous vacation — and break the news to your family.

Question 1 of 5

Can you skip the obligatory family visit?

Question 2 of 5

Do you want to bring family with you?

Question 3 of 5

What’s your vacation style?

Question 4 of 5

What are your biggest concerns?

Question 5 of 5

Can’t go just yet? What are your travel goals for 2023?

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