Quiz: Is there truth behind these 8 travel myths?

From airfare rumors to hotel lore, experts give us the truth behind tall (travel) tales

(Illustrations by Dani Choi/for The Washington Post)

Urban legends are shared so often that we take them as fact — and they usually sound reasonable enough so that we don’t question them. Waiting to swim after you eat so you don’t drown? Sure, sounds right. Swallowed gum stays in your stomach for seven years? We’re no gastroenterologists.

Myths like these have seeped into our travel planning, too. Is there really a cheapest day to book a flight? Can you drink tap water abroad? But just because you hear something over and over again doesn’t make it true. We decided to dig into some of the most common travel myths and find out whether they’re actually accurate.

Myth 1 of 8

Tuesday is the best day to book flights

Myth 2 of 8

You shouldn’t drink the tap water in a foreign country

Myth 3 of 8

Hotels never wash the comforter or duvet cover

Myth 4 of 8

Dressing up is the best way to get a seat upgrade

Myth 5 of 8

Hotels don’t have 13th floors

Myth 6 of 8

You should shop for flights in incognito mode

Myth 7 of 8

Use the local currency when traveling internationally

Myth 8 of 8

Duty-free goods are cheaper

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