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VIDEO | Are those carry-on cocktail kits actually worth it? We tested 6 to find out.

At first glance, these aesthetically packaged tin containers from W&P Design seem like perfect gifts for the cocktail-sipping world traveler. But what happens when you slide off the well-branded label and actually put together the drink?

From the company’s Carry-on Cocktail Kit line, we tested six drinks: the Old-Fashioned, Moscow Mule, the hot toddy, a champagne cocktail, the bloody mary, and a gin and tonic. Each kit — which contains multiple servings to sip in style on many flights, or share with plane friends — was packaged similarly and came with most of the same tools. The parts that differed were the syrups, sugars and other edible accessories that were unique to each cocktail. (They’re available on sites like Amazon as well as the retailer’s site; prices vary, but are about $25 to $30 with taxes per kit.)

What many of our testers discovered early on, however, is that the kits didn’t come with alcohol or mixers, which seemed to be an immediate deterrent.

“If someone gifted this to me, they better add a mini bottle of Tito’s,” says Leilah Reese, advocate of Moscow Mules with a kick.

The reviews regarding taste varied, but in regard to practicality, these kits come with the tools and easy instructions to concoct a fancy-looking beverage using only the space of a tiny airplane tray table. Your seatmates are likely to be either annoyed, impressed or have a lot of questions.

Helen Carefoot, a bloody mary fanatic who will drink them with brunch or dinner, brings up an excellent point: “Plane rides are boring,” and if you’re looking for something to keep your hands busy and mind occupied for two minutes, this is a fun way to kill time.

For an in-depth review of these carry-on cocktail kits, watch the video.

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