The Washington Ballet’s Alex Kramer and Ayano Kimura have performed all over the United States and internationally in Japan, Russia, Italy and Costa Rica. This winter, the pair are performing “The Nutcracker” at the Warner Theatre in Washington. The theater provides company members a small black case to keep their belongings in during the month-long run of the ballet.

The intent is to pack enough items to live off for a month at a time, but it doesn’t mean that they are packing 30 days’ worth of clothing. Kramer advises any traveler, dancer or not, to “try to pack things that can be multiuse, like something you can dress up or dress down.” That way you can wear the same shirt or pants in a variety of outfits.

The theater also provides a laundry service so performers can keep their outfits and costumes fresh after several days of use.

In addition to everyday items, Kramer and Kimura make sure to take what they’ll need to dance, like leotards and ballet shoes. Anything that can keep their bodies warm is key, such as leg warmers and shawls, since performing with cold muscles can cause injuries, they say.

The dancers are also responsible for their own makeup and hair. Kimura keeps a pouch of bobby pins at the ready, and Kramer swears there is only one hair spray that can keep his style intact onstage.

To see what else they pack, watch the video above.

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