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What to know about attending Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral events

The queen’s death is expected to bring a surge of mourners to London

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The United Kingdom has entered a period of national mourning after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, which is set to last until after her state funeral on Sept. 19.

While it is a solemn time, her death is expected to spark a surge in travel to Britain to pay respects. Crowds already began gathering in front of Buckingham Palace on Thursday evening.

Chantal Gouveia, the U.K. and Ireland destination lead for Kensington Tours, said London is expected to fill with visitors in the days to come “to mourn and to show their respect to this head of state who has played a part in so many of our lives,” she said.

Here’s what potential visitors need to know about visiting the U.K. during this historic time.

See how the world is mourning Queen Elizabeth II, in photos and videos

The death of Queen Elizabeth II

The final resting place: Queen Elizabeth II has been buried in her final resting place next to Prince Philip, her husband of more than 70 years, capping an elaborate state funeral, which was invested with all the pomp, circumstance and showmanship that the monarchy, military and state could put on display for a global broadcast audience of millions.

The state funeral: The funeral was full of pageantry and pathos, including a new national anthem, funeral ensembles with affectionate touches in honor of the queen, a personal note from King Charles III, appearances by the young heirs, Prince George and Princess Charlotte and the royal corgis. Here are some of the most memorable moments in photos and videos.

A new monarch: Queen Elizabeth II’s son, Charles, became King Charles III the moment his mother died. He may bring a markedly different personal vision of religion and spirituality to the role. Here’s what to know about him.

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