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These 3 tools can help you navigate quarantine and testing policies by state

With the holidays upon us, many states are tightening restrictions and updating protocols.

(The Washington Post)

Since the coronavirus pandemic began in March, many states have implemented rolling travel restrictions that change often. The coronavirus case rates in both a traveler’s origin and destination can determine if a trip across state lines — even a short one — could result in necessary tests or quarantine.

Now with a surge of U.S. infections, even more states are updating their policies and tightening their restrictions ahead of the holiday travel season.

If you’re planning to drive or fly out of state soon, leave tracking the dizzying restrictions to the professionals. Several months into the pandemic, there are user-friendly resources that track the most up-to-date quarantine and testing rules in the United States so you don’t have to. Here are a few options to bookmark.

AAA covid-19 map and road-trip planner

Travel organization AAA doesn’t require you to have a membership to use its online covid-19 travel map, which details the latest state and local travel restrictions and provides links to local resources about protocols.

Citywide, countywide and statewide rules are mapped out, with statewide restrictions color-coded to denote which states have quarantine or testing requirements, mask mandates, or stay-at-home orders in place. The interactive also allows you to view total coronavirus cases by state or county, and also denotes existing border closures and roadway checkpoints.

A mobile-friendly road-trip planner from AAA,, can also help plan your road trip if you want to determine which rest stops, gas stations, restaurants and hotels remain open along your route.

United map of air-travel restrictions

In September, United Airlines launched its own color-coded map of U.S. travel restrictions aimed at air travelers. The color-coded map shares coronavirus restrictions (or lack thereof) for every state — breaking down interstate restrictions, health forms required for entry at the airport, and local conditions, like whether restaurants, nonessential shops and museums are open. Clicking into each state will show more in-depth details, including mask requirements and links to local health departments.

For international travel, United also has a global version of the map with country-specific information.

Multistate dashboard

For an in-depth look at the nitty-gritty of every state’s coronavirus restrictions, government relations company Multistate created a dashboard of state and local policies organized by jurisdiction. By scrolling down the alphabetical list to a state or local jurisdiction in question you can see the exact details of its existing travel rules, gathering restrictions and current phase of reopening. Links to local health orders, mask mandates and school closures are also included.

The tool is separated into two dashboards, one for states and another for alphabetized local jurisdictions like cities and counties. Some large cities or counties in coronavirus-impacted areas have different rules in place than their state.

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