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Is it safe to visit Europe? What to know about traveling near Ukraine.

From rerouted flights to tour cancellations, experts weigh in on traveling during Russia’s invasion

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Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began in February, the travel industry has joined in the effort to show solidarity to the afflicted nation. Airlines have ended partnerships with Russia’s largest air carrier, Aeroflot, and travel advisers have stopped making bookings in the region. Airbnb pledged to house Ukrainian refugees, and thousands of people have donated on the platform. Hotels are pausing new projects in Russia.

For travelers watching the crisis unfold and its impact grow beyond Ukraine’s borders, there may be confusion over upcoming trip plans. Will their flights to Europe be canceled? Should they postpone upcoming trips to the region?

To address travelers’ key concerns, we spoke with experts on travel security and aviation to find out what places to avoid, how to protect or cancel a trip, and how long people should be on alert.