Health experts and government officials have warned that without social distancing, our chances of beating the coronavirus pandemic quickly won’t be possible. Accordingly, gyms and fitness studios have shut down, which poses a challenge for regular gymgoers to keep up with their routines.

It’s an obstacle many active travelers are used to overcoming. People who exercise on the road know that even when conditions aren’t perfect, you can usually find a way to get a workout in.

Now that people are stuck at home, not to mention facing high stress, it may feel more difficult than ever before to stay active and healthy.

“You don’t necessarily have to do your high-intensity workouts or your yoga class” at home, says Chris Perrin, co-owner and operator of the sports conditioning gym Cut Seven in the District. “If that’s not for you, then don’t. But definitely do not stay in your house, and … sit there watching Netflix all day."

Doing something is better than nothing. Maintaining physical fitness is a lot easier than starting over.

“It takes so much to rebuild the habit of working out,” Perrin says. “It’s such a long process once you quit. It’s so important to keep doing it, even if it’s a little bit. Just keep doing it.”

That’s where Perrin’s 20-minute workout comes in, designed originally for travelers who don’t have access to a traditional fitness center. The routine can easily be done at home and doesn’t require much gear.

If you want more options, Perrin has been sharing live workout feeds, often requiring little or no equipment, on Instagram since his gym closed amid the coronavirus outbreak. Many gyms across the country have been doing the same, at no cost, so be sure to check studios’ social-media accounts.

“We’ve created these time slots, because people want to [work out] together, but alone,” Perrin says. “You are alone in your apartment, but you are doing this with 30, 40, 50 people. They’re going through it, just like you.”

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