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Yes, solid toothpaste is a thing and we tried it so you don’t have to

These tablets appeal to travelers who strive to be zero-waste. (Video: Monica Rodman/The Washington Post)

For travelers who wants to make the most out of precious toiletry space in a carry-on, Bite tablets may be an appealing alternative to your standard gel toothpaste. The toothpaste does the same job as the traditional stuff, but it’s in solid form instead of liquid. Once you pop one into your mouth like a Tic Tac, it begins to foam lightly as you start to brush.

The tablets are marketed as all-natural and better for the environment than the typical gel option. They’re delivered quarterly in compostable packaging and on established postal routes, in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint of the product.

While they promise to give you good eco-karma ⁠— and more room in your carry-on for sunscreen or hair gel ⁠— how do they taste? Is the innovation genius, or just gross? We asked staff members at The Washington Post to weigh in on whether they’d take these tablets on their next trip, or leave them behind.

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