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A sample plate of tacos, beans and rice at Tacos A Go Go.

A guide to local favorites in the Heights

A sample plate of tacos, beans and rice at Tacos A Go Go.
  • By Drew Jones
  • Photos by Brandon Thibodeaux
The Heights
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The Heights perfectly captures Houston’s blend of the old and the new. Originally planned as a streetcar suburb for those looking to escape density, the neighborhood now functions like a city of its own.

In the early 2000s, high-earning professionals gentrified the area by buying up the signature decades-old bungalows of the area and either renovating or demolishing them in favor of upscale housing. The rapid increase in property values attracted businesses and new residents who wanted to add a bit of prestige to the historical neighborhood. And while many of its historical landmarks remain intact, parts of the Heights look indistinguishable from upper-middle-class areas like River Oaks and Upper Kirby.

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Drew is a Houston-based reporter for By The Way. He reports on breaking travel news and trends.

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The Heights

Heights Mercantile
In an area so walkable you wouldn’t think it belonged in Houston, this picturesque outdoor shopping mall brings a collection of trendy shops and eclectic eateries to the Heights. The Heights hike and bike trail runs right through its center, making the design of this space one of the city’s most innovative developments.
711 Heights Blvd. Ste. B, Houston, Tex. 77007
Heights Hike-and-Bike Trail
Formally known as the Heights MKT trail, named for the old Missouri-Kansas-Texas railroad line, this path links the Heights to a network of trails and parks in the surrounding areas. Getting around traffic is easy on the trail for some leisurely exercise. Local biking enthusiasts use the 4.7-mile trail as a shortcut to get directly into downtown.
E. Seventh Street and Heights Blvd., Houston, Tex. 77007
Coltivare Pizza & Garden
Agricole Hospitality has bought up a lot of real estate in town, and this Italian restaurant is its most praised eatery. Chef Ryan Pera brings a rustic Texas feel to this farm-to-table spot. Stop in for the pizza or savory pasta dishes, or grab a cocktail while you stroll through the garden.
Coltivare Pizza & Garden, 3320 White Oak Dr., Houston, Tex. 77007
Better Luck Tomorrow
The James Beard Award has a heavy presence in Houston, and the founder of Better Luck Tomorrow, Bobby Heugel, is definitely worthy of his nomination. Known as the king of cocktails in town, Heugel brings fun and dazzling flavors to drinks like the Razzle Dazzle at this charming cocktail bar.
Better Luck Tomorrow, 544 Yale St., Houston, Tex. 77007
Tacos A Go Go
Taco shops come in all shapes and sizes in this town. With a casual atmosphere and simple ingredients, founder Sharon Haynes’s Tacos A Go Go has won awards for “best taco,” “best breakfast taco,” “best guacamole” and one of the “tacos you must eat before you die.” It’s well worth a trip when you’re here.
Tacos A Go Go, 2912 White Oak Dr., Houston, Tex. 77007
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Drew Jones
Drew is a Houston-based reporter for By The Way. He reports on breaking travel news and trends.
Brandon Thibodeaux
Brandon Thibodeaux is a contributing photographer to The Washington Post based in Houston. In addition to his assignment work and creative commissions, he explores life in the American South.