The former vice president, in front of other aides, suggested Obama gather more intelligence, but he was not opposed to killing al-Qaeda leader Osama bin laden.

Meanwhile, Trump is headed to Pennsylvania, while Democratic nominee Joe Biden is dispatching his running mate, Kamala D. Harris, to Michigan, while he holds fundraisers.

Republicans’ show of strength now could prompt a backlash if Democrats retake the White House and flip the Senate in November.

The 359-to-57 vote sends the legislation to the Senate, which could take it up later this week and send it to President Trump. White House officials say they don’t want a shutdown, and Trump is expected to sign the bill.

Judge Amy Coney Barrett is the front-runner to be nominated to fill the vacancy left by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. But some of President Trump’s allies continue to push Barbara Lagoa, a federal appeals judge, who Trump may meet with this week.

The move queues up the first potential partisan election case for the court to consider since the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

In this edition: The coming Catholic politics of a court fight, the latest ballot warfare in swing states, and the return of Iowa as a swing state.

Democrats have tried to replicate in-person contacts virtually, while Republicans have conducted a traditional campaign. Neither side knows which will work better.

Trump simply says different things to different people for obviously political reasons.

Why “naked ballots” could be a major X factor in the Trump-Biden race.

The 2020 election may see the highest turnout in decades, and the electoral map is the largest in a long time.

Given the Supreme Court vacancy, this is a suddenly urgent issue.

The first presidential debate between President Trump and former vice president Joe Biden is scheduled to take place Sept. 29.

Senate Republicans can only afford so many defectors to confirm Trump's nominee

Citing what limited historic precedent "generally" states is ridiculous.

Carlson says he doesn't believe Ginsburg actually made her dying wish "for a second." Trump suggested it had been written by Democrats. But it's eminently believable that she said this.

Advice and consent? Nah, whoever it is will do just fine.

The effort to help elect Democrat Joe Biden is targeted at convicted Black and Hispanic voters.

One out of 100 deaths of people younger than 25 this year have been the result of the virus.

Creating more than nine seats on the Supreme Court sounds radical. But it’s been seriously considered and even done before.

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