Here is what each woman has alleged and how Trump has responded.

On soap opera set, the GOP nominee bragged about groping and trying to have sex with women.

He boasts of “iconic properties” worth tens of millions, but then presses local tax officials to value them far less.

On the show, Trump would promise a personal donation to console a fired or disappointed celebrity.

The Washington Post has contacted more than 420 charities with some ties to the GOP nominee in an effort to find proof of the millions he has said he donated. We've been mostly unsuccessful.

Throughout hours of interviews, he was alternately enthusiastic and sternly skeptical.

‘I think I may have more Indian blood than a lot of the so-called Indians,’ he once said.

GOP candidate’s reliance on strict confidentiality agreements and other tactics unusual in political arena.

A review also shows he donated less than a third of $8.5 million pledged since 2001.

“He had a reputation for saying anything that came into his head,” a schoolmate recalls.

The GOP candidate has feuded with locals for years over his struggling Aberdeen resort.

The GOP candidate’s controversial views on Russia follow his three-decade quest to do business there.

Lawyer and adviser Roy M. Cohn was a master of the attack and counterattack.

Despite losing money every year under his leadership, the company compensated Trump handsomely, including a $5 million bonus in the year that shares lost 70 percent of their value.

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