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What to watch on Thursday: ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ moves to Paramount Plus

Thursday, Oct. 20, 2022 | ‘The Fastest Woman on Earth’ premieres on HBO Max

(All times Eastern.)

Station 19 (ABC at 8) The crew rushes to help two teens trapped inside an electric car after an crash; Benn and Maya get caught in a dispute between an unlikable couple.

Walker (CW at 8) Cordell tries to convince everyone and himself that he has moved on from captivity; Stella admits her feelings to her dad; Bonham shares a coping skill with Liam.

Young Sheldon (CBS at 8) While tutoring Billy Sheldon makes a mathematical discovery; Mary gets jealous of Missy’s relationship with Mandy and MeeMaw.

Ghosts (CBS at 8:31) Sasappis persuades Sam and Jay to save an old tree; Thor tries to become more environmentally friendly in hopes of getting Flower’s attention.

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC at 9) Bailey gets the interns to create social media videos to inform teens about sexual health; Meredith and Maggie a new thing about Zola.

So Help Me Todd (CBS at 9:01) Margaret and Todd work to help an athlete who lost his leg because of a defective aircraft.

Call Me Kat (Fox at 9:30) Kat decides to be a mother and her friends immediately jump at the chance to help her find a donor; Max and Carter explore a new bar.

CSI: Vegas (CBS at 10) The team investigates a trio of home-invading masked assailants who killed a family; Catherine helps the team deal with the emotional case and longs to connect with her own estranged daughter.

Alaska Daily (ABC at 10:01) Eileen, Roz and Sylvie head to Meade to learn more about a suspect in Gloria’s case; Austin learns about a political candidate’s suspicious financial entanglements.


Danger in the House (Lifetime Movie Network at 8) A wealthy man hires a seemingly perfect caregiver to help his sick mother, but the caretaker decides to make herself a permanent addition to the family.

The Fastest Woman on Earth (HBO Max) This documentary, filmed over seven years, chronicles the extraordinary life of professional racer and TV personality Jessi Combs.


Little Demon (FXX at 10) Chrissy meets family while Laura and Satan navigate a deadly maze and Bennigan gets a proposition.


Inside Amy Schumer (Paramount Plus) Season 5.

One of Us Is Lying (Peacock) Season 2.

Late Night

Daily Show/Noah (Comedy Central at 11) Tyler James Williams.