Help Wanted: Stories of Unemployment

Joblessness, through the eyes of the jobless

Six people affected by unemployment in different ways are spending this summer writing about their struggles to pay the bills, preserve relationships and maintain hope for the future. Browse their entries by topic with our interactive word cloud.

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Meet the Contributors

Stephen Rhymer, 59, Oklahoma

Where did my life go?

Where did my life go?

I don’t think people understand what happens to someone after they’ve spent two years looking for a job.

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Marianne Steffey, 32, Tennessee

Where do I fit in new economy?

Where do I fit in new economy?

The jobs that we lost in the recession are gone. They’re not coming back.

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Stephanie Dudgeon, 48, Ohio

Uncertainty galore

Uncertainty galore

As my unemployment benefits tick down, there is a great deal of uncertainty in my life now.

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Thera Larson, 33, Maryland

What are we supposed to do now?

What are we supposed to do now?

There are so many questions and so few answers. I keep tellng myself to hold on, to keep fighting.

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Daniel Joyce, 54, California

Our new normal

Our new normal

Yes, our new normal includes much less ability to pay the bills. But what it includes most is worry.

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Marc Johnson, 36, Virginia

When I look in my daughter’s eyes

When I look in my daughter’s eyes

Some days I look into my new daughter’s eyes and cry. I don’t know how I will support her.

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Jobless offer advice for political leaders

110818 - Atlanta - The line circled the building and extended into the back parking lots. Thousands of people packed the campus of Atlanta Technical College Thursday for a job fair sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus. Stephanie Young, CBC Communications director, said 70 employers were on hand with 2000 job openings. The wait in line was long -- about three and a half hours -- and at least one woman collapsed from the heat and was taken away by EMS personnell. Aug, 18, 2011 Bob Andres

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Inside ‘Help Wanted’

Inside ‘Help Wanted’

In an effort to show the real impact of joblessness, we asked six people to contribute to a reader-powered experiment.

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