Virginia General Assembly approves Medicaid expansion to 400,000 low-income residents

(Bob Brown / AP)

The move is a huge win for Democrats, including Gov. Ralph Northam, who campaigned on the issue

Dedicated funding law sidelines half of the Metro board

One board member said he was under the impression alternate board members would be “consigned to the kiddies table.”


Va. Senate puts off Medicaid vote with Democrats unable to pull off ‘nuclear’ move

(Bob Brown / Richmond Times-Dispatch/AP)

Despite the delay, the majority leader conceded that Medicaid expansion will probably pass.


Law aimed at helping poor areas of Va. shows power — and limits — of bipartisanship

(Gregory Schneider / THE WASHINGTON POST)

Seemingly radical idea for personal tax breaks came from unlikely duo united by economic desperation.


Legislative town hall in Arlington dissolves into chaos over immigration

(Bill O'Leary / The Washington Post)

Activists accuse legislator of not supporting immigrants.


Why we didn’t raise taxes for Metro

(Washington Post photo / Traffic on Interstate 66 in Virginia.)

The commonwealth found its share of permanent funding without additional burdens on families.


Legislature fails to override Northam vetoes but pushes back on amendments

(Steve Helber / AP)

The new governor only vetoed 10 bills, far fewer than his predecessor.


Virginia doesn’t have to choose between roads and rails

(Steve Helber / AP)

Residents must simply pay for the transportation they use.


Va. House committee tries again for Medicaid expansion, with tougher work rules

(Steve Helber / AP)

The new budget plan calls for kicking Medicaid recipients off the rolls if they do not meet work requirements.