The lesson in democracy behind Alexandria’s Confederate statue

The weird rule that makes cities ask the General Assembly for permission on purely local issues.


Does math make sense in picking transportation projects?

(Patrick Semansky / Associated Press)

Virginia says yes. Maryland is not so sure.

Which transportation project is better? Do the math, Virginia says.

But in Maryland, the Hogan administration hates its version of a scoring system for transportation planning.


Students don’t need to read graphic sex scenes to know slavery is bad

(Bob Brown / Richmond Times-Dispatch via Associated Press)


McAuliffe-backed economic development program may be doomed

(Steve Helber / AP)

The legislation had sailed through the General Assembly with bipartisan support.

After Fairfax police ticket cars awaiting state inspection, Va. passes law banning it

Vehicles with expired inspection stickers or tags were getting tickets while trying to comply with law. Now cars awaiting inspection can’t be ticketed.

Hey, bicyclists: You got your Virginia dooring law — now stay off the sidewalks

Bicyclists cheer a Virginia General Assembly measure that would make “dooring” punishable by a $50 fine.

I-66 toll plan rolls forward

Audiences at public hearings are getting a look at the design for the new HOT lanes system.

Anti-intellectualism in Virginia

How far will the legislature go in capitulating to activist parents?


Stinky and wimpy, but it’s ours: Virginia legislature picks a state snake


Despite questions about the Eastern Garter’s fitness for the honor, the Senate sends snake bill to McAuliffe.