The Washington Post covers the stories that deserve to be told. It has done so for more than 140 years, reporting in areas such as politics, business, culture, sports and technology. In the year 2019, there’s a common thread that has woven its way into all of those topics: video games.

Over the past two-plus years, my peers and I at The Post have crafted a new approach to intelligently cover the people, companies, teams and trends of the gaming industry. Launcher is the result, a dedicated section that aims to recalibrate the conversation with classically trained journalists who were raised on games. In so doing, we believe we can help bridge the gap between an audience unaware of the modern gaming landscape and those who inhabit it daily.

Too often in our research we found articles on gaming issues that treated it as a curiosity. In those instances, it was clear those outlets merely adopted the topic of gaming. The staff at Launcher was born into it.

We are not, however, blinded by it. An industry that generates billions while marketing itself toward the world’s youth requires monitoring. Launcher will hold accountable the leaders and companies that comprise the gaming industry. And, just like the rest of The Post, we have tools available for those who would like to confidentially share information on bad actors in this area.

But we also hope you’ll find some fun at Launcher. Not many people fell in love with gaming while pondering its Dickensian aspects. And so we’ll provide a steady stream of game reviews and tips. In many ways, gaming has replaced the weekly poker game or tennis match for younger generations. Even if the goal of those online gatherings is simply socializing, no one likes to lose. We’ve pulled pointers from some of the gaming world’s top professionals to help you win.

This is only the beginning. In the weeks and months ahead, we’re hoping to add new elements to the site and bring our readers an accessible, savvy, well-sourced accounting of gaming’s global environment. We want to build a community of intelligent readers and viewers who want to dive deep into their passion. We want you to ask us hard questions. We want to go find the answers.

You can join the conversation on Twitter, Instagram and the comment sections of Launcher. We look forward to hearing what you have to say.

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