Twitch has confirmed that Fortnite now owns the service’s record for concurrent views for a single game, as 1.7 million people watched the game go offline just ahead of its current Chapter 2 season.

More than 4 million tuned in across various streams on YouTube, according to the company, and at one point hit 4.3 million concurrent viewers, according to a tweet from YouTube’s global head of gaming and virtual reality Ryan Wyatt.

Twitter also reports that the event is now the most viewed gaming event on that social media platform, with 1.4 million concurrent viewers. Video of the event eventually saw 42.8 million views, with 50.7 million minutes watched.

None of these numbers should come as a surprise to anyone who paid attention to the event on Oct. 13, which eventually crashed Twitch and caused Reddit to slow to a crawl.

The world’s most popular game runs in “seasons," that usually span around three months each. For the last year, each season has ended with an online live event to transition into new changes.

Developer Epic Games chose to close its 10th season with a literal big bang, sucking the entire ecosystem into a virtual black hole. The game stayed down for maintenance for almost two days before returning to its current “Chapter 2” phase.

By comparison, the League of Legends World Championship, regarded by many as the “Super Bowl” of esports, drew almost 100 unique million viewers for the four-hour event in South Korea last year.

Fortnite has typically topped the streaming charts as the world’s most-viewed game, with League of Legends closely behind. More than 300 million hours of Fortnite has been watched on Twitch during this year’s second quarter, according to an analytics report from StreamElements.

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