Today, during a Nintendo Direct stream, the publisher announced that the latest fighter to join Smash Bros. Ultimate’s roster is Byleth from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the latest and 17th entry in the Fire Emblem franchise that released last summer.

The announcement seemed to come as a disappointment for some, especially since the Smash roster is choked with Fire Emblem characters, eight in all. All of those characters are wielding swords. Kotaku published an op-ed last year that declared, “Breaking: Too many Fire Emblem characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Byleth is the player character from the critically acclaimed Fire Emblem: Three Houses for the Nintendo Switch, available in their male and female iterations in Smash. They’ll have access to four weapons: a sword, spear, axe and bow. Coming to Ultimate on January 28 as the fifth DLC character, Byleth follows Joker, Hero, Banjo & Kazooie and Terry Bogard. Byleth is also the last character to join Fighters Pass, a DLC pack that grants players access to five additional fighters and stages.

When wielding weapons like the powerful and magical sword of the creator, Byleth comes with some sleek moves. For example, their Up Special extends their sword into a grappling hook form that attaches and launches them toward their opponent.

Nintendo announced that Garreg Mach Monastery, known as the officer’s academy and main hub of Three Houses, will appear as a new stage. In particular, you can use the marketplace, reception hall, cathedral and bridge as new fighting grounds. From one locale to the next, members of Three Houses’s varied cast will appear in the background to watch your match.

Smash director and creator Masahiro Sakurai said the announcement was kept a secret from many people, including inside Nintendo. He said those who knew were surprised at his final choice. However, he also announced the game will add six more characters, all being released through December 2021. He said the “new additions have already been decided,” and they’re all in development. One addition to come with the upcoming pass is a Breath of the Wild Mii costume that features Link’s ancient armor.

Other Mii fighter costumes were announced as well, and will be purchasable by December 28: Altair from Assassin’s Creed, Mega Man X and Mega Man.exe, Cuphead and a Rabbids hat. Cuphead’s costume comes with the music track Floral Fury, which plays during one of the boss battles from the game.

At the end of the stream a short trailer was shown for the upcoming Fire Emblem: Three Houses expansion Cindered Shadows. It will introduce a fourth house, the Ashen Wolves, at the academy. Cindered Shadows releases February 13.

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