If you’re waiting to kill some time and put on a show for your Super Bowl LIV party Sunday, it might be worth paying $8 to replay one of the first football games ever made.

Japanese game publisher Hamster Corp. is releasing Tecmo Bowl as part of the Arcade Archives series, an attempt to faithfully reproduce the historic 1980s arcade scene within your home console. Tecmo Bowl, from 1987, is now available in the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch digital shops.

It’s important to note that this Tecmo Bowl isn’t the popular home version on the Nintendo Entertainment System, which was a port of this arcade original. In a decade where some football games depicted its athletes as x’s and o’s, Tecmo Bowl was notable for its colorful, detailed graphics, featuring large, animated players.

The arcade game also allowed for four players, rather than the NES’s two. It was also a two-screen experience, which can be replicated in this new release’s settings. This new version also features a leaderboard with online rankings.

Tecmo Bowl existed long before NFL players allowed their likenesses to be used in video games, so the game only features two fictitious teams, the “Wildcats” and “Bulldogs.”

The game’s 1991 sequel, Tecmo Super Bowl, went on to become the first sports game licensed by the NFL, beginning decades of cross-media partnerships for the NFL and video game publishers.

Yesterday, Fortnite relaunched its own NFL partnership, showcasing just how much the gaming landscape has changed since Tecmo Bowl touched down.

From Thursday through Super Bowl Sunday, Fortnite’s Team Rumble mode becomes all-out war between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs. The game is also bringing back its NFL uniform skins, which features all 32 teams.

Fortnite creator Epic Games also announced a Streamer Bowl event for Thursday evening, which pairs some of the most famous Fortnite players like Tfue and World Cup champion Bugha, with NFL players, including Juju Smith-Schuster, Mike Evans and Baker Mayfield.

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