In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, star fragments are items you obtain by wishing on stars during meteor showers. Because this crafting resource is rarer than some others, like stone and wood, fans may be excited to see star fragments suddenly growing on trees.

But be warned: While star fragment trees now exist, they are hacked through save editor software and not created by Nintendo. Plus, they don’t work the way you’d expect. While aesthetically pleasing, these trees won’t grow star fragments again after harvesting them. In other words, you won’t be able to continuously farm those resources like you would fruit or bell trees.

Putting star fragment trees on your island not only puts you at risk for a potential ban, but could destabilize your game since these items probably haven’t been tested by Nintendo. On Bell Tree Forums, a popular online destination for Animal Crossing fans to discuss the game, there have been conflicting stories that these items corrupt save files or create “dead tiles” after the trees are shaken, meaning you could longer put anything down in that spot if you move the tree. Those rumors have not been confirmed.

Not everyone is hacking their game to receive these items, which can be traded like any other object in Animal Crossing. Many have turned to the booming Animal Crossing black market to buy the trees. However, you won’t find listings on Nookazon, an extremely popular but unofficial bartering site for the game. It is against Nookazon’s community guidelines, and “any discussion of item dupes or hacking is not allowed,” read the site’s terms.

“We are working to minimize the amount of hacked item trades as it is against Nookazon’s and Nintendo’s Terms of Services,” Nookazon creator Daniel Luu told The Washington Post. “That being said, we do not have listings for hacked items.”

Twitter user @peachyisIe has noticed sellers trading star fragment trees for as many as 200-400 Nook Miles Tickets (a burgeoning new form of currency in Animal Crossing) on Discord servers, a hefty price. To put things in perspective, high-demand villagers like Raymond, Marshal and Audie usually go for similar prices.

We’ve reached out for Nintendo for comment, though have not received a response as of this article’s publication.

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