After a rowdy, controversial and popular beta period, “Valorant” will release June 2. The beta period will officially close May 28 while the company performs final updates.

When the free-to-play game returns, developer Riot Games said all player levels will reset, and new game content, game modes, agents and maps will release shortly after its official launch on PC.

The release of “Valorant” holds much significance as the third game ever released by Riot Games, who is also developer of “League of Legends,” the world’s most popular esport.

“Valorant” is a mixture of the hero shooter genre, like “Overwatch” by competitor Blizzard Games, and the tactical shooting precision of competitive games like “Counter-strike: Global Offensive.” The game immediately caught the attention of several pro esports players, and it’s still currently the most popular game to watch on streaming site Twitch, toppling games like “League of Legends” and “Fortnite.”

The game’s popularity soared as Riot Games gave away beta keys to players in select Twitch streams. “Valorant” also created some headlines after there were several viral moments of toxic harassment between players.

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