Fans have waited a long time for a follow-up to the 1999 classic “Pokémon Snap,” which originally released on Nintendo 64. That time is finally here.

Announced during a Wednesday morning livestream, The Pokémon Company revealed “New Pokémon Snap” for the Nintendo Switch. Like the first game, instead of catching Pokémon, you take pictures of them. This spin brings a unique way to interact with the Pokémon world, and one that became a hit after the original’s release. As a player, you can explore different locales like jungles and beaches.

“New Pokémon Snap" does not yet have a release date.

The presentation also showed off a couple of smaller titles during the stream, one of which was “Pokémon Cafe Mix,” a free puzzle game coming to the Switch and mobile devices. Within the game, you run a cafe that Pokémon visit as patrons. You serve them meals and drinks, and the gameplay takes the form of different puzzles.

The other game revealed was “Pokémon Smile,” an AR-based app that intends to make brushing teeth fun for young kids and their parents. It’s available now free on iOS and Android devices.

The stream also included a couple of announcements for existing games, too. With “Pokémon Sword and Shield’s” first DLC out today, titled The Isle of Armor, its launch is being celebrated with the addition of Zeraora as a max raid battle boss in a limited-time event. This mythical Pokémon is coming to both Sword and Shield.

As for “Pokémon Go,” mega-evolved Pokémon are now available in the popular app that blends the real world and Pokémon via augmented reality.

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