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PS5 Showcase: Launch day, price reveal, new ‘God of War’ teaser, ‘Miles Morales’ gameplay and more highlights

“Final Fantasy XVI” (Square Enix)

Sony’s PlayStation 5 showcase is over and it went out with a bang, revealing the launch date, pricing information and even teasing an anticipated new title for 2021. Here are the most notable highlights.

The highlights

Launch day, pricing and a glimpse into the future with ‘God of War’

The PS5 will be available for $499 for the version with the disc-drive, and $399 for the digital version. The console will be available on Nov. 12 in the U.S., Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand. It will be available everywhere else on Nov. 19. That info answered some big questions that loomed over the event. Last week, Microsoft revealed the release date, Nov. 10, and prices for its Series S ($299) and Series X ($499) consoles.

The presentation closed with a brief teaser for the next “God of War” title slated for 2021. It was teased with the message ‘Ragnarok is coming,’ a reference to the cataclysmic event that was purportedly set in motion at the end of the 2018 PS4 award-winning exclusive title.

Here comes Harry Potter

Warner Bros. games showed off its story based in the world of Harry Potter. Set in the late 1800s, the game promised as its setting not just the halls of Hogwarts, but a broader magical world as well. Trolls, Hogwarts classes and dragons all made appearances in the trailer for “Hogwarts Legacy,” and the voice-over narration promised an emphasis on player choices to shape the school’s legacy.

More Miles Morales

Sony showed off “Spider-Man: Miles Morales” gameplay, in which a fight between the corporation Roxonn and The Underground disrupts a political rally hosted by protagonist Miles Morales’s mother. In the clip, Miles fights members of The Underground on a collapsing bridge, showing off some of his suit’s special powers. The trailer dramatically swapped between what looked like cutscene and gameplay.

The title will release alongside the PS5 on Nov. 12 and 19th according to a tweet from Insomniac.

A look at ‘Final Fantasy XVI’

The show opened as promised, with a trailer for a new title: Square Enix’s “Final Fantasy XVI,” a PlayStation console exclusive (though a tiny asterisk noted that the title would also be available on PC). The trailer, a mixture of cinematics and gameplay, showed off swordplay and monsters that evoked “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.”

“Final Fantasy XVI” looks to be a thematic departure from the last several decades. “Final Fantasy” has been a mixture of sci fi and Eastern-inspired art. But for the first six entries, the series focused around an adventure about four crystals in Western-inspired fantasy worlds.

Some stellar Sony titles ready on launch day

Sony announced the PlayStation Plus Collection, which will include a large number of PlayStation 4 titles, including “Days Gone,” “Persona 5″ and “The Last of Us Remastered,” among others, downloadable and playable at launch on the PS5.

‘Fortnite’ will be also available on launch day

We know at least one other game you’ll be able to play on Day 1 of owning a PS5, as Sony announced “Fortnite” will be playable on launch.

A glimpse of ‘Demon’s Souls’ gameplay

In a trailer for the new “Demon’s Souls” remaster, the player character blocked, parried, and counter-attacked his way through a castle, fighting the undead, the living, and a gauntlet of massive bosses.

It’s made by Bluepoint Games, which have gained fame for stellar remakes of PlayStation exclusives. It appears they are using a brand new engine to remake the game from the ground up, featuring a new physics system and possibly some drastic changes to the metagame of “Souls” titles.

What makes a remake? We asked the “Final Fantasy VII: Remake” and “Resident Evil” developers.

More from ‘Oddworld Soulstorm,' ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’

In a new trailer for “Oddworld Soulstorm,” the protagonist, Abe, traverses a series of platforming challenges. There wasn’t much more to say than that.

The event also featured a new trailer for “Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach.” In it, the protagonist Gregory, is hunted by a female animatronic.

‘Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition’

“Devil May Cry 5,” the latest and greatest from the legendary character action series, is getting a “Special Edition” featuring a playable Vergil, the brother of demon-human hybrid hero Dante.

‘Deathloop’ gets Q2 2021 release

A new trailer for Arkane’s “Deathloop” made the most robust case for how the game’s time loops work so far. By changing a target’s morning routine, the protagonist ensured that his target — one of eight main targets in the game — would also appear at a second target’s “cannibal masquerade” later in the evening. The trailer also showed off the game’s combat and robust movement mechanics. The game will be a PlayStation console exclusive — with the same caveat that it will also be available on PC.

‘Resident Evil 8’ coming 2021

“They’re coming again,” cackled an evil-looking woman in a trailer for the new “Resident Evil VIII,” which featured spooky locales including a dinner table, a castle, a snowy forest and more. The game is slated for 2021.

‘Call of Duty: Black Ops — Cold War’ multiplayer Alpha coming for PS4 players

The new footage of “Call of Duty: Black Ops — Cold War” showed off a campaign mission on a Turkish airfield. The player characters were tasked with finding and, of course, killing, a character named Arash. After a missed sniper shot, and a series of melee finishing moves, the characters raced down the airfield in pursuit, at one point using an remote controller car to disable a plane mid-takeoff. The game is slated for holiday 2020.

The game will also include a zombie mode. A PlayStation multiplayer alpha will be available, free, this weekend.

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