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PSA: Game-breaking ‘AC Valhalla’ bug fixed in new update

(The Washington Post illustration; Ubisoft)

Five months after the game’s launch, it appears Ubisoft has finally solved a game-breaking bug that placed “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla” players in a kind of in-game purgatory and prevented them from advancing the game’s mainline quest.

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Patch 1.21, released April 27, resolves a bug first reported in November 2020 and which endured until today. The bug, which took place during an unskippable quest, prevented players from interacting with any NPC in your village Ravensthorpe — including Randvi, your main quest giver who allows you to pledge to new areas of the world map and gain access to more content.

The issue did not affect all players, but if players did encounter it they became stuck in a permanent game state where that couldn’t progress the main story line and basically couldn’t do anything except roam the map (rather pointlessly). Side quests like Reda’s timed quests, Valka’s quests and river raids couldn’t be activated either, since they require you to interact with a Ravensthorpe NPC to start.

The scary part of this bug? It occurred around the halfway point of the game, and no one knew what triggered it, including Ubisoft. Typical workarounds for Valhalla quest bugs, like reloading an earlier autosave, didn’t fix the bug. This meant that, some players would get the bug 50-plus hours into the experience, with their only options to fix it being to restart the entire experience or wait for an Ubisoft fix.

“We are aware of this specific issue and our teams are working on finding a fix,” an Ubisoft representative wrote in an email to The Post in March. “While we could not reproduce the issue on our end, we have been able to analyze some of the save data from affected players and are developing a fix that will be included in a forthcoming update.”

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Editor`s Note:

Minor spoilers ahead

The bug happened in the main quest “A Brewing Storm.” This is how the quest is supposed to work: after completing the Cent area main quests, you report back to Randvi, and “A Brewing Storm” immediately triggers. The quest tells players to rest in their bed. After resting, a cutscene is supposed to play. In it, one of your now estranged compatriots, Dag, challenges you, Eivor, to a duel to see who should control your growing village while its de facto leader, Sigurd, is away.

However, if players got the bug, their game skipped this cutscene entirely, and left them in a bugged out ghost-town version of Ravensthorpe. The quest description under “A Brewing Storm” never updated and was left blank, and Dag doesn’t appear where he’s supposed to. Since this is where you’d normally get into a fight with Dag, the game prevented you from interacting with NPCs … which is bad, because the game also couldn’t advance the “A Brewing Storm” questline without Dag present to kill.

Funnily enough, you could actually find Dag in this bugged out gamestate in the northwest corner of the village. But even if you killed him, he simply revived, and the quest remained stuck.

Note: This story was updated from the original report on the bug in March.

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