It’s time for another “Fortnite” seasonal change. Rick Sanchez, the depressed, alcoholic genius star of hit animated show “Rick and Morty” joins the battle royale, Epic Games announced this morning.

Epic Games teased the inclusion of the cult hit show with a tweet Monday featuring the butter robot, whom Rick Sanchez made sentient only to give it existential dread about its purpose in life outside of cutting butter.

The other high-profile pop cultural figure joining the game is Superman, which swells the in-game DC Comics roster after “Fortnite” dedicated an entire season to Marvel’s heroes. This season’s themes seem to be all about an alien invasion, which tie the First Son of Krypton and the spacefaring Rick Sanchez together.

The “Fortnite” story has really started to ramp up its storytelling and worldbuilding in the last year or so. The recent Batman comics crossover gave us new insight into how the game’s characters communicate and think, and that the entire island really does reset itself every 22 minutes, like it does in the video game.

The game’s map will be invaded by the mysterious Dr. Slone, a woman referenced only by name in past seasons of the game, as she directs the Imagined Order, the shadowy organization that seems to be behind the pop cultural chaotic soup brewing on the island. It’s Epic Games’s fantasy story to justify the existence of the “Stranger Things” cast fighting Master Chief from the “Halo” games.

Another big feature introduced this season is expanded customization. The battle pass, which players buy every season to access new content, will include a character named Kymera, who is apparently a customizable alien. Throughout the season, players will have to collect alien artifacts to unlock more options for Kymera. It’s unknown how deep this customization feature may go. In Chapter 2, Season 2, “Fortnite” introduce a character named Maya who had customizable outfits and hairstyles but the frame of her body remained the same.

The new update will also feature flying saucers to either attack or pilot. “Fortnite” has introduced and removed many vehicles as it changes features and options every few months, and this will be the rare vehicle that flies. Also, it’s armed with lasers.

The saucers also introduce new crafting elements called nuts and bolts, so it seems Epic Games is retaining the crafting features introduced in the closing season.

In its attempt to build a Metaverse of sorts, “Fortnite” also continues to incorporate real-life celebrities and creators into the game. This season brings Guggimon, a popular horror fashion designer and Canadian mix tape producer with more than 1.3 million Instagram followers.

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