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Interloper shouts out Bill Clinton after ‘Elden Ring’ wins game of the year, ‘Hades’ and ‘Death Stranding’ sequels shown

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The 2022 Game Awards are now over. “Elden Ring,” a favorite going into the ceremony, took home the coveted game of the year award. “God of War Ragnarok,” another heavy hitter, otherwise swept the show with six wins, the most of any nominee.

At the end of the show, an unidentified person took the microphone before being escorted offstage. The ceremony’s host, Geoff Keighley, tweeted afterward that the person who snuck onstage had been arrested.

The ceremony, an hours-long celebration of video games and their surrounding communities, also serves as a promotional vehicle for upcoming games: Much of the event’s runtime is devoted to trailer reveals and game announcements. Video game industry figures including developers, esports athletes, actors, executives and streamers attend the event as guests, presenters and nominees.

Here’s what to know

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Here's what to know:

Here’s how Geoff Keighley created the Game Awards, the Oscars for gaming.
The event comes just hours after the FTC announced it would seek to block Microsoft’s proposed multibillion-dollar acquisition of Activision Blizzard. (Here’s what that means).
“Diablo IV” will release June 6, 2023. But developers of the game say it will be hard to meet that deadline without significant overtime.


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Before the awards ceremony, the Game Awards announced its third list of Future Class members. Future Class comprises 50 individuals from across the games industry — including developers, influencers and accessibility consultants, among others — who represent the industry at its most thoughtful and inclusive. The full list of members can be found here.

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Our writers and editors watched the live broadcast remotely, highlighting the biggest news from the show below. Shannon Liao reported from the event’s venue in Los Angeles.