Gen.G has unveiled a new jersey for 2020 that will be worn by a number of its teams across its many leagues, including Gen.G’s LCK, PUBG, CS:GO and Overwatch Contenders teams. The Seoul Dynasty of the Overwatch League, and the Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai of the NBA 2K League, will wear their league jerseys, which will still feature the signature black and gold colors, and the tiger mark, of Gen.G.

Since Gen.G is an international organization, it says this jersey will help unify its teams and players across the globe — like South Korea’s Seoul Dynasty of the Overwatch League and NBA 2K’s Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai — under the Gen.G banner.

“This is our first big revamp of the jersey, and as the esports community continues to evolve, so do we,” Co-President and COO Arnold Hur said in an email interview with The Washington Post. “We compete in numerous games with teams in Seoul, Shanghai, and Los Angeles, and we are uniting our brand and fans under one umbrella." The jerseys are designed and made by Seoul-based company H9, which also makes jerseys for the Korea Football Association.

The new jersey sports black and gold colors, a tiger mark, and a prominently displayed logo for Gen.G. The jersey made its first public appearance during this past weekend’s League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) player photoshoot. The jersey will be available for retail around the globe, priced between $82-$92 depending on customization options.

The coming 2020 season is a big year for Gen.G, as the organization says it hopes to shift its sponsorship strategy with integrated content.

“We don’t believe it is enough to slap a logo on a jersey anymore," Hur said. "Brands need to go deeper with creative content that is authentic and contributes to the fan experience. These days, many brands can just pay for exposure through performance marketing, which means that it matters much more how you’ve activated a brand rather than how many times you have exposed their logo on screen.”

Gen.G also said it plans expand into the esports collegiate level through a partnership with the University of Kentucky.

“We view collegiate esports as the next frontier,” Hur said. “Our main objectives with the University of Kentucky focuses on academic, community and professional development pillars to build the business of esports beyond just competing. We’ll also be consulting with them on a dedicated facility for students to train on campus.”

Last year, Gen.G raised $46 million in a round of funding from investors, including venture capital firms, actor Will Smith and NBA Hall of Fame nominee Chris Bosh.

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