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‘Warzone’ Fortune’s Keep map tips: Loadouts, easter eggs and cash

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Last week, “Call of Duty: Warzone” developers released the new Resurgence map Fortune’s Keep, a hybrid of Rebirth Island and the larger Caldera map. The colonial-era island with a WWII-inspired aesthetic superimposed over it features a medieval keep, a winery, a lighthouse and plenty of places to get shot from.

After playing Fortune’s Keep for a handful of hours and scoring a couple of wins, I’ve put together a few tips that will help you find good fortune on the jewel of the Adriatic. As always, positioning, knowledge of the map, and understanding the best weapon metas will be vital to your success.

Take advantage of verticality

From the top of Keep to the streets of Town to the bottom of Grotto, Fortune’s Keep has plenty of elevation changes. Knowing when to take the high ground and when to retreat low will help you master this map.

Fortune’s Keep offers a number of ways to get the high ground. Vines lead to the top of Keep and other buildings in Town. It’s also easier than ever to get to rooftops by climbing up adjacent buildings, vaulting to the top and then running across them like Jason Bourne.

Maintaining the high ground is by default the best option. (Ask Anakin Skywalker about that one.) You have the advantage of thousands of sight lines across the map, and can plot your course easily if the gas closes in behind you. It’s also incredibly hard for an enemy team to aim upward at you. You can stay on a headglitch (when only the tip of your head is visible from behind an object, but you can still shoot back) quite easily in a few spots. In Grotto, for example, you can peer from over the edge of the cave’s entrance and be able to see any enemy players crouched behind rocks down below much more easily than they can see you. Simple geometry will win you gunfights.

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Find and use your cash

My first impression of Fortune’s Keep is that cash (or gold bars, in this case) is abundant. In addition to the normal ways you might get cash in “Warzone,” there is a new in-game event that will surely help fill your coffers.

During the 2nd and 4th Circles, AI soldiers will attempt to airlift cash into the helicopter. You can keep interacting with the money bag to rake in cash until the event completes. It’s an easy source of money — but it paints a big target on your back. And be careful: These soldiers can shoot, and they’re wearing armor.

Another option is seeking out areas on the map that have a dollar sign icon. Those locations have high value loot and extra cash, and they change every round. However, landing there may not be the best strategy for people who play less aggressively, because more players will gravitate toward those zones. If “slow and steady” sounds like your style, you may be better off looting for a UAV or self-revive and holding until the free loadout.

When buying items, exercise extreme caution. In Fortune’s Keep, virtually every buy station leaves you exposed. Either quickly use the station before other teams have a chance to get set up with loadouts or ask a teammate to watch your back.

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The best Fortune’s Keep loadouts

As of launch, pairing a reliable assault rifle like the NZ-41 with a submachine gun (SMG) like the new Marco-5 or the H4 Blixen is the best option for Fortune’s Keep. The NZ-41 allows you to take longer engagements from the rooftops, while the SMGs allow you to take to the tunnels and eliminate any lurkers in the shadows. Note, however, that the base and ground loot Marco-5’s do not have the best attachments. Once you unlock it on level 15 of the battle pass, I recommend you level it up completely if you have time.

Like on the old Rebirth Island map (which will be in rotation starting June 30), using a mobile sniper like the Kar-98 isn’t a bad choice either. But long-range headshots will not immediately down players, but rather break their shields.

Make use of cover

Whereas Caldera is more open following recent vegetation adjustments, Fortune’s Keep is much less so, with cover aplenty in the form of rocks, tents, parapets, wagons, and boxes. If you find yourself unable to take a long range engagement with your loadout, you can easily close the distance by running between the various map assets. Plus, equipping the Serpentine perk will reduce incoming damage while tactical sprinting.

Fortune’s Keep is also filled with underground passageways, secret rooms and plenty of nooks and crannies to hide in. It’s a paradise for campers — and for people who learn the map, it can help turn the tables in a gunfight.

You can easily lose a team that’s hunting you down and retreat into a room, giving you a chance to heal up or reload your weapons. I’ve dropped down a level in Keep, run out the back side, climbed back up the wall, and flanked the enemy team. By that time, I’m ready for another engagement.

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Easter eggs are high risk, high reward

While running around Fortune’s Keep, it’s likely you’ve noticed shovels and wine glasses dotting the loot piles of downed enemies. They look like dropped items and weapons but are outlined with gold. Those are keys to finding gold loot and free self-revives.

The “Call of Duty” news site ModernWarzone discovered a few hidden challenges in Fortune’s Keep. If you pick up a shovel from the gravesite or random locations throughout the map, you can dig up “buried treasure” in the form of legendary weapons. There are two wine bottles hidden across Keep (they’re always in the same spot); grab those, and you’ll uncover a hidden room behind a bookcase filled with goodies. By lighting three candles in the graveyard and paying respects to one of the headstones, you summon a Zombie who drops a self-revive when you kill it.

According to Twitter user Mr Fishy McFish, you can also drop money in a fountain in Winery, which spits out rewards in proportion to the amount you part with.

In the time spent on these Easter eggs, you could just as easily loot enough cash for a loadout drop. Plus, while focusing on completing the mission, you can get shot by enemy soldiers. I would recommend trying these Easter eggs at least once, and focusing on the game thereafter.