Congratulations, you’re here because you beat “Resident Evil 8: Village.” (Or, you want to find out how the post-game content works).

“Village” continues the Resident Evil tradition of being highly replayable, coaxing you along with new weapons, content and higher difficulty modes. But “Village” also sees the return of the “new game plus” feature, which means players can revisit the entire game with all of their upgrades and hard-earned work persisting, even at the beginning of the story.

Here’s a brief guide to tell you how this works in “Village.”

How to start a ‘new game plus’

All you need to do is beat the story once, on any difficulty. Once you’ve completed the game, you’ll be prompted to save a completed file into one of your slots. It doesn’t matter where you save, but because you have so many slots available, we recommend choosing one where you won’t easily save over it, just in case you want a do-over run and aren’t satisfied with your latest. Every completed data file will include how many runs of the game you’ve completed, so they’ll be easy to spot.

It’s important to use “Load game” from the completed save file, or simply hit “Continue” in the menu screen if the last time you played was beating the game. Starting a fresh file via the “New game” option will start a new thread of games for you, so all your progress will be wiped, except for the challenge achievements, which we’ll explain about in detail further down this article.

What Ethan Winters carries over to new game plus

Just about everything you earned in the game will carry over.

  • Every item in Ethan’s briefcase, from guns to fish meat.
  • Every piece of treasure you’re hoarding. This includes any of the five incomplete pieces of treasure. You can try to find the piece you missed in subsequent runs and still complete the treasure.
  • Every upgrade you bought for every weapon will persist. Even if you sell a weapon back to the Duke, he’ll keep the investments you made into upgrading them. You won’t have to reinvest in ammo capacity or anything.
  • Any food items you banked with the Duke for his recipes will also persist. You won’t have to go hunting for more fish if you’ve already caught enough.
  • Any challenge points you earned, as well as progress through each of these challenge achievements. More about these shortly.

You won’t be bringing along any key items, which is usually the case for new game plus features for any game. This includes special keys you’ll need to progress the main story line.

What are Challenge Points?

You’ll notice after the credits rolled that you earned thousands of something called CP, or Challenge Points. These are points rewarded by completing the game’s internal challenge list, which is unlocked once you’ve completed the story on any difficulty.

These challenges can be anything from completing the game under three hours to simply shooting five crows in a single playthrough. They can also be a bit obscure, like opening every outhouse door in the game, or breaking every single window in Lady Dimetrescu’s castle. The game will track your progress, which will also persist in new game plus runs.

Spending CP will get you new guns and weapons, some of which are far more powerful than anything the first run offered. And the game also offers you “infinite ammo” cheats for every weapon in the game, which are unlocked once you upgrade a weapon to its max potential.

Can I change difficulty in new game plus?

Yes, absolutely. Even if you beat the game on the “casual” difficulty, all of your work from that first run will persist. If you’re feeling braver, you can bump the difficulty up to normal or even hardcore. You can even tackle the now unlocked “Village of Shadows” mode, which remixes enemy placements enough to make each fight a new experience.

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