“Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” is an easy game once you know what you’re doing.

But anyone thinking it’s a straightforward brawler a la “Streets of Rage 4” or “Battletoads” will struggle in later stages. Ubisoft’s “Scott Pilgrim” is more like the NES classic “River City Ransom,” mixing in light role-playing and statistic gameplay to keep progression interesting.

Once you understand this system, the game will be a cinch and you’ll want to try all seven characters available (including the original game’s DLC for Knives and others).

Buy food to gain experience and stat boosts

Keep an eye on the backgrounds of each level. Every level has some kind of “store” for Scott and his friends to spend all those coins dropped by enemies. Smaller, cheap snacks can be saved to bring you back to life, while larger foods will give you permanent boosts to your statistics, which are Strength, Speed, Defense and WP (will power, which manages how many special moves you can do).

Some stores are a bit more hidden, but they’re indicated with a star outside. These stores usually have pricier items to lure you in. But all of these aren’t necessary if you ...

Pay off Scott’s Late Video Fees

The No Account video store is open right at the first level and it has a single item: Scott’s late fees for his videos. It’s just over $500, so it’s going to take you some time. But hidden behind this paywall are the most comprehensive stat boosts you can find in the game, as well as the ability to buy 1-ups, all for only $4.95.

Remember that you have to repeat this process for every single playable character. So Scott’s ex-girlfriend Kim Pine will need to do her own money farming to pay off Scott’s fees and access those cheap items.

Statistics max out at 100

If you want to play the game without waiting or relying on the video store boosts, there are plenty of cheaper items in other stores to give you the boost you need. Each of the four statistics can be leveled up with food and other miscellaneous items like CDs.

The cap is at 100, so once you hit it, focus on other items that boost other stats. Focus on the stats you need. If you feel like your punches are too weak, stop by the Shock Wave record store in the second area of the first map to buy the “Smashing Turnips” CD, which gives you eight more points in strength. It’s about $15, but you’ll immediately notice enemies going down faster.

How to make money fast

The game is pretty simple, and all you need to do is just redo old stages, especially ones with bonus coin boxes or the “subspace” areas with extra coins. It’ll only take an hour or two to get a few hundred bucks, which is already a sizable chunk of Scott’s video fees.

The cheat code for the ‘Power of Love’ sword still works

If you still feel like the game is too hard, or you just want to mow down goons with love, the old cheat code for Scott’s “Power of Love” sword still works. It gives you the final weapon for the final boss for every level. At the title screen, simply hit Square, Square, Square, X, Circle, Triangle (or the equivalent buttons on other consoles) and you’ll hear a chime. Every character will start with an incredibly powerful sword, which has a long-distance energy slash that covers half the screen. Like any usable object in the game, it can break, but it takes a long while and you’ll usually be almost done with any level.

Turn the music down

I know. The music by chiptune band Anamanaguchi is excellent, so definitely don’t turn it down too low. But the game’s audio balance is such that it drowns out almost every other sound effect, which makes the innate satisfaction of punching bad guys literally muted. The music actually sounds a bit clearer when it’s not blaring through your speakers, and you can finally better hear every punch and kick.

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