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How to find all six badges in ‘Stray’

(Washington Post illustration; Annapurna Interactive)

In “Stray,” you’re given a cat’s-eye view as you wander around the neon-lit dystopia of the Dead City. As you meet friendly robots (and not-so-friendly Zurks) on your journey to the surface, you can collect badges to wear on your harness by completing side quests and exploring. Aside from B-12′s memories, these badges are the only other collectibles in the game, and collecting all six nets you the aptly named “Badges” trophy and achievement.

Since “Stray” doesn’t have a quest log or way to check which ones you’ve already collected, you’ll have to keep a mental tally. You’ll receive one Badge automatically as part of the main campaign, and the other five Badges can be found in the Slums, Antvillage and Midtown.

Just follow this guide in those areas to collect them all.

Music Badge

To get the Music Badge, you’ll need to find all eight music sheets scattered around the Slums and show them to Morusque.

In the alleyway where you find Morusque, he’s sitting directly across from a soda machine. Knock an energy drink can out from the machine, cross the courtyard in front of the elevator to Azooz’s shop on the other side and purchase a Music Sheet with the energy drink can.

In Momo’s apartment, which the Guardian points you toward when you first enter the Slums (it’s the building with the orange neon sign), there’s a hallway to the left just before the kitchen. It has two doors; enter the room on the left by walking through the bars, jump on the pile of boxes in the back and a Music Sheet is on the shelf.

Head to the apartment where you find Clem’s notes. You can spot it if you climb on top of the bar’s roof — it’s the building to the left that has the Outsider symbol (a blue frowny face) painted on it. Once inside, go through the torn shoji. You’ll find a Music Sheet on a shelf immediately to your right, next to the bed.

The next Music Sheet is on a balcony to the right of and slightly above Clem’s apartment (if you’re leaving her apartment, follow the piping immediately to your left to get there). It’s lying on the table.

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You can find a Music Sheet on the second floor of the bar. It’s on a booth on the far side of the room from the stairs. For the next one, return to the first floor, jump on the counter and scratch at the painting on the wall to knock it off. Behind it is the code to a safe, which you can find in the same alley as Morusque. Walk past him the end of the street, and look to your left. Enter the code, and a Music Sheet is inside.

You can spot another Music Sheet as soon as you enter Elliot Programming. To get there from the elevator courtyard, go straight past the bar and take a left, then a right and his shop will be immediately on your right beneath a yellow sign. If you pass two robots sitting huddled on the ground, you’ve gone too far. Scratch at the door for Nester to let you in.

In the same apartment where you find Doc’s notes, a Music Sheet is sitting on the piano in the library alcove. It’s the building with the Outsider symbol just past the robot lounging on the roof. Enter through the window, turn right, and the Music Sheet is on your left once you pass the bookcase.

Outsider Badge

You’ll get the next badge as part of the main storyline. At the end of Chapter 6, Seamus gives you the Outsider Badge and asks you to show it to Doc.

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Plant Badge

The Plant Badge is in Antvillage after you leave the Slums. To get it, you’ll have to get a yellow, red and purple plant for Malo.

You can find the red plant by hopping into the bucket elevator immediately behind the two robots playing mah-jongg. It’s in a tree near two robots scavenging. The purple plant is just past the robots playing mah-jongg; snag it by climbing onto a branch to the left. The yellow plant is past the bar on the same floor as Zbaltazar. Just past the couch, there will be a pipe to the right of a shelf behind the bar. Walk onto it and grab the yellow plant.

Police Badge

The Police Badge is tucked away in an alley in Midtown. Just past the clothing shop, go down the alleyway to your left. Hop onto a table against the wall to your right, from there jump to the air conditioning units, walk across the metal roofing, up more air conditioning units at the far end of the alley, and onto another roofing panel where you should see a window with two bars on it. Hop inside, and you can find the Police Badge on a broken robot on the floor.

Cat Badge

On Shop Street in Midtown, there’s an open convenience store with a robot standing outside talking to another robot across the counter. Jump on the counter to get inside, and tear down a sign on a wall behind the shopkeeper to reveal the code for a safe in reverse (2458: edoC -> Code 8542). Climb the shelves on the far wall to find a safe in the corner pressed against the ceiling. Type in 8542, and you’ll find the Cat Badge is inside.

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Neco Badge

You can get the Neco Badge in Midtown’s Neco facility, which you break into as part of the main campaign. As you sneak your way through, you’ll come across a worker leaning against a metal railing who will ask you to help him find his keys.

After some more sneaking, you’ll come to a platform where you’ll have to hide behind boxes going by on a conveyor belt to avoid being detected by the sentry bots. At the end of the platform, there are several barrels you have to jump on to get to the next area. Don’t go there just yet.

Hop on the first barrel, and then jump to the barrels to your right to find a trash pile with the worker’s keys. Return them, and he’ll give you the Neco badge as thanks.