One of the keys to victory in “Call of Duty: Warzone” is outfitting yourself with the best gear. Oftentimes, that may require some luck, dropping into the right spot on the map and finding a lot of crates or ground loot. If you get lucky, you’ll find a gold crate. Luckier still, you may find a key card to a bunker containing multiple such crates.

But if you want to guarantee yourself the best loot in the game, including gear that is otherwise unattainable through normal gameplay, you can complete a not-so-simple challenge introduced at the start of Season 6. Pull it off and you’ll not only get a gold Bruen blueprint, but you can find miniguns, juggernauts and even super perks and a killstreak that will automatically show you the final circle at the start of the game in the battle royale mode.

The challenge starts with a difficult puzzle and a lethal time limit. It is definitely high risk, but it also provides the richest rewards in the history of Warzone.

It can be done in either Plunder or Battle Royale (the latter is less sweaty but has an added time restriction we discuss later) and takes place across three main stages. Below we break down each in detail, and provide tips on how to expedite your Easter egg hunt and finish it safely. If you’re familiar with the challenge, you can skip straight to the tips for each section.

You’ll need to be fast. You’ll also need to be smart, and if you’re playing with teammates, communicate quickly and clearly. Here’s how to complete it as fast as possible.

City Hall

The challenge begins in the lobby of the Verdansk City Hall building (the one with the dome next to the big bank and green skyscraper downtown). There are three focal points for the first step. A keypad, a computer terminal and a series of paintings hung around the room with blank brass placards beneath them. You need to start with the keypad.

When you enter the lobby you will see a counter with a computer terminal behind it. When facing the counter from the middle of the room, the computer will be on the right and on the wall to the left behind the counter is a small keypad. Interact with it and input the following code: 2179. This code always remains the same.

Once the code is entered, you’ll hear an alarm bell and the doors will lock. No one else will be able to get in while you complete the challenge, but you also won’t be able to leave. Oh, and gas will flood the room. Don’t worry, it’s harmless … for now.

Turn around and interact with the computer terminal, but be ready to remember everything you see. The screen will flash a series of four small sections of the paintings around the building. Occasionally, the images will be followed by numbers with a plus or minus sign. You’ll also see red Xs, which are just your cue that the next image is coming.

The small sections correspond with various paintings around the room, and the sections are always the same. You will need to find the four paintings shown on the computer and look underneath them to spot a Roman numeral. If the painting section shown on the computer was followed by a plus/minus and a number, you’ll need to either add it to or subtract it from the Roman numeral.

For example, let’s say the first image is of an arch followed by +3 and then the red X. Find that painting with the arch (we’ll tell you how below), take the numeral below it (for our example, let’s say it’s IV, the Roman numeral for 4) and then add three. The answer, in this case, 7, is the first digit for the code you’ll need to put into the computer.

Repeat this for the other three paintings and everything will combine to create another four-digit code. You then must input it at the computer terminal. However, the numbers will be split into tops and bottoms, requiring you to put in the top part of each number first, then the bottom part. You’ll need to hit eight buttons in all. If you get it right, you’ll hear a happy little noise, another alarm bell and the doors will open, allowing you to continue the quest. If you get it wrong, you’ll have to reenter the code correctly. If you’re too slow, the gas turns lethal and kills you. This seems to happen just about two minutes after you first lock the doors, so time is of the essence.

The tip: What makes this challenge tricky is that you have to translate numbers both visually and mathematically. Your brain doesn’t like to make that transition (at least mine doesn’t), and when you add in the sequencing of the paintings, it becomes very hard to keep everything in order. So here’s the fastest way we found to complete the challenge.

While it’s possible to do it solo, it’s best to do this with at least one friend who can search for the paintings while you remain at the terminal to translate and enter the code. It also helps to have a pad and pencil handy to log the paintings and numbers so you don’t have to store everything in your head. Additionally, communication is key, so it’s helpful to develop a shorthand for each painting based on the small section shown, particularly since the small sections are always the same. We’ve provided our key below, along with the locations of each painting (Note: Some are duplicated and one is missing. The duplicate paintings will all have the same numerals below them).

You can find all the paintings in three areas, the main lobby, the top hallway (straight ahead when facing out toward the lobby from the behind the desk) and the bottom hallway (to the right and behind you when facing out toward the lobby from behind the desk.


Shorthand name = Description of computer image | Painting description | Painting location (Additional details)

Armpit = A shoulder with a blue jacket and shoulder board | The soldier with the spiked helmet | Top hallway (Close to lobby)

Dark = Exterior of a predominantly black house with a light-toned statue | A dark-colored mansion at nighttime | Top hallway (Opposite of Armpit, there’s a duplicate right next to it, too)

Arch = A white marble arch | A man on a horse with an arched tower in the background | Top hallway (Farthest from lobby)

Medals = Close-up of a military medal | A heavily decorated soldier with numerous medals | Lobby (Close to Top hallway)

Purse = A green bag | The woman holding a green purse | Lobby (Top left corner when facing out from the counter)

Trees = A cluster of trees | A small painting showing a village in the country | Bottom hallway (Near the outside door)

Roof = A roof/top of a white house that looks like it could be the top of a mansion | A big, white mansion | Bottom hallway (Next to Trees)

Missing = A white-bearded man | Empty space with only a brass placard | Bottom hallway (The empty space in the corner kind of diagonal from Roof)

The last one is tricky because the painting is gone, but there is a placard on the wall. We also change up our shorthand here for clarity. If we adhered to our naming convention of what’s shown on the computer, it should be “Beard” or “Old” or something, but “Missing” is just more descriptive of how you’ll want to search for the missing painting given that there are two other portraits of bearded men. It’s just cleaner to call it “Missing” — essentially, we’re just skipping a step.

If you want a good visual reference, Reddit user kentGames has a very tidy infographic I stumbled on Tuesday morning, though the shorthand words are different. (I prefer ours since they relate directly to what you see in the smaller sections.)

The best way to perform the task is for the person at the terminal to call out the paintings and any addition/subtraction required and write it down as they’re doing so. The person(s) searching for the paintings should get a head start by going to the first painting as soon as they hear it called.

Once the person at the terminal is done reading out the information, the person looking for the paintings should read back the numerals below the paintings in the same order as they were read aloud to limit confusion. You will have time to run and find them all, so don’t just jump from the first painting in the sequence to the fourth because they happen to be next to each other. It’s much more time consuming to input an incorrect code and need to start over.

(Related, if you miss part of the sequence on the computer, you can close out and initiate it again. So long as you’re still locked in the building, the sequence and code will remain the same.)

After you have the four numerals, the person at the terminal should do the math to determine the code, then punch in the four top images of the corresponding numbers followed by the four bottoms of those numbers. If you get it right, you’ll see a message saying “Subway Override Authorized” and you can move on to the next leg of the challenge.

If you get it wrong, you might have a few seconds to try again before the gas kills you. If you die and decide to return to the challenge after winning your Gulag fight, be warned that the paintings shown on the computer and the code will change on your second attempt.

The airport subway

The hardest part is done. Once out of City Hall, either procure a vehicle and make for the subway station at the airport or take the nearby subway from Downtown toward Verdansk Center. You’ll want to get off at the Airport stop (the third, after Verdansk Center and Lozoff Pass). Once at the airport station, hop across to the opposite platform and open the double doors. You’ll see another computer terminal. Interact with it and you’ll hear a lot of typing noises.

Move back to the platform and look for a train labeled “Maintenance.” It will arrive on the same side of the platform as the computer. Note, however, that it is not necessarily the first train to come. (Do not get on a train labeled “Lozoff Pass”). Once you board the Maintenance train, it will take you to the secret area, which is behind the dam near the fire station. This should be easy, except for that fact that this challenge is still taking place on a map with around 100 people trying to kill you.

The tip: After successfully inputting the code and leaving City Hall, first look for poachers who may be camping outside. Use your ears before you leave and beware that bullets can penetrate the doors. When leaving, try not to bunch up, so at least one of you can escape and be rejoined later if your teammates win their Gulag fight. (If even one of you reaches the secret subway station, you’ll have enough cash to buy back all of your teammates.)

Exercise extreme caution also when going to the airport subway station and when you enter. If you’re driving or flying to the airport station, use a trophy system to protect your vehicle if at all possible. (Note: My squadmates missed the train and had to drive, which was several minutes slower than the subway. Flying is fastest if you have a chopper handy, but the subway is the next quickest way to get there.)

Once you reach the airport subway platform, check that the doors are closed and look for any signs that someone else may be there waiting. If there’s no ground loot on the platform, that may be an indication there’s a trap ahead.

When you open the doors, do it slowly and check the four places people can lay in wait: On top of a table to the right of the doors; behind the column between the doors and the computer; up the ladder near the computer; and behind the doors. Once you’re clear, interact with the computer. While waiting for the Maintenance train, be sure to take cover and watch the entrances and approaching subway cars to make sure you don’t get killed on the cusp of completing the challenge.

The secret station

Once you arrive, you’ll find a loot bonanza, in addition to the Firebrand Bruen blueprint you can snag off a table.

Miniguns and gold weapons abound, as well as killstreaks like Advanced UAVs, superstrong gas masks and even juggernaut canisters. Perhaps even more valuable though are two tokens. One is called Specialist Bonus and gives you every perk ability in the game. The other is called “Foresight” and looks like a killstreak on the ground. “Foresight” will reveal where every circle will close for the remainder of the game, including the final circle, and shows where it will move if the game lasts beyond the final circle. With this knowledge you can make your way there early and set up shop with your fully loaded arsenal.

Once you’re done looting, activate another computer terminal behind one of the two sets of double doors to prime a departure train and hop onboard. This is the only way to leave.

If you reach this spot, you’ll be kitted out for the rest of the game and should have every advantage to win. However, there’s a crucial note on timing that I learned the hard way.

The tip: The secret station is still governed by the overall laws of the map, so if you’re playing on battle royale, when the gas closes in behind the dam, it also enters the secret station. This is the second time limit for the challenge. It takes a little bit of time for the train to depart as well, so if you see the gas getting close, grab what you can and bail. The gas has also killed me on the departure train when it took me to another station that was also in the gas, so it really is best to start this challenge at the very start of a Battle Royale match.

If the first circle doesn’t include the dam, it’s pretty tough to pull it off in time. And if the gas has already closed off the dam, the challenge is fruitless, so don’t bother with it. You’ll get nothing but frustration for your efforts.

As noted at the top, you can complete the challenge in Plunder, with respawns and no circle making it easier. However, squads tend to land in or near City Hall even when they’re not performing the challenge, so it can get sweaty. Prepare accordingly.

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