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Content from Walton Family Foundation: Our Future Coast

August 5, 2020 | 11:02 PM GMT
The coast of Louisiana is an environmental and cultural treasure; it is also home to the largest funded restoration project in the world. By reconnecting the Mississippi River to its coastal wetlands, experts believe the river can once again carry sediment that will nourish the land that we are losing and quite literally help to rebuild some - but not all - of what has been taken by the sea. Scientists, advocates, and business leaders have worked for decades to make this possible. Together, they believe that this is the moment to take practical action to save the coast, while restoration efforts still have a real chance to keep up with rising seas in the coming decades. Landscape architect Kate Orff, a recipient of the MacArthur Foundation Fellowship and contributor to OurFutureCoast.org, will describe how restoration works, why we need to take action now and how, if we act, there is more hope than ever for our future coast.