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View your comment history on the My Profile tab

Updated Dec 21, 2017 at 11:47 AM EST

You can find your latest comments by clicking on the My Profile tab on comment streams at the bottom of most articles on The Post. Here's what the tab looks like:

On the My Profile page, you can see a history of your comments, view details about the replies and likes your comments received, and click a link to view each comment and its replies in context.

How to find the My Profile tab:

1) Open a Washington Post article page, such as this one.

2) Navigate to the comment section by a) clicking on the comments link on the left side of the page, b) clicking on the comments link at the bottom of an article, or c) scrolling to the bottom of the page.

3) When the comment module loads, click on the tab labeled My Profile. This tab sits to the right of the tab labeled "Comments," sits under the line that says "Posting as [your commenting display name]," and sits above the line that begins "The conversation here is moderated ...."

4) The My Profile tab will load. It will contain comments submitted to the new system via the commenting account referenced in the "Posting as [your commenting display name]" line.

Your earlier comment archive and any new comments submitted to our old commenting system are still available at