ODU economists find five straight quarters of growth for Virginia, but warn that federal deficits and dysfunction are a threat.

The judges said the U.S. Forest Service of “abdicated” oversight and bent to builder’s wishes.

The governor rolled out a plan to curb runoff and fund more land conservation.

Majority leader Todd Gilbert notes that Herring promised not to politicize the AG’s office

Changes in federal tax law and the chance to collect Internet sales taxes would largely bankroll his plans.

Union Hill grapples with issues of race and money as decision nears on compressor station

Vote could position Fairfax delegate as first female speaker if Democrats take majority.

The court ordered new maps to remedy racially gerrymandered districts. A hearing is set for Jan. 10.

Democat Herring, who took a pass on the race in 2017, is making an early move

State regulators said the builders failed to protect against damaging erosion and runoff.

A new Wason Center poll surveys voters on issues likely to dominate the General Assembly session.

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee commits $1 million to House and Senate races.

Letter to governor praises efforts by Dominion Energy to spend $5.1 million in affected area

A group wants to take political mapmaking out of politicians’ hands.

The state says enrollment will not affect the budget, but some Republicans are wary.

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