The D.C. resident said she grew up brawling over beefs, but now she wants to take her fight to the courtroom to help others like herself.

Arrest made after a chase, according to Arlington police.

Sears, a former Marine, emerged victorious in a ranked-choice balloting process that included five other candidates vying for the second-highest office in the commonwealth.

The House is seeking McGahn’s testimony about Trump’s efforts to interfere with the Mueller investigation.

Donald Trump thinks Youngkin’s great, and Democrats are happy to let everyone know.

A judge upheld the pretrial detention of the men accused of using bear spray against police, helping rioters get past barricades.

The group Babuk is threatening to make more information public if D.C. refuses to pay.

Now, that the Food and Drug Administration has cleared the first coronavirus vaccine for emergency use in children as young as 12, families are sure to have questions about the Pfizer-BioNTech shot and when it will become available.

With a green light expected Wednesday, the region is preparing to vaccinate 12-to-15-year-olds.

The ACLU of D.C. and the D.C. public defender’s office filed a lawsuit on behalf of Sunday Hinton, who has been detained since April 26.

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