A Washington Post review of available visuals, audio and witness statements shows an Israeli soldier likely shot and killed Al Jazeera correspondent Shireen Abu Akleh on May 11 in the West Bank.

Previously unaired security camera videos, exclusive documentary footage and police audio communications were presented at the committee's first prime-time hearing.

A joint Washington Post analysis reveals for the first time that the United States supported the majority of air force squadrons involved in the Saudi coalition’s years-old air campaign in Yemen.

Documents, imagery and witness accounts point to a heightened Russian presence in Mali, where the military government is locked in a bloody war with extremists. Profits from the Wagner Group flow back to Moscow, helping prop up Vladimir Putin’s government at at time of growing economic isolation over its war in Ukraine.

The Washington Post has catalogued and verified more than 200 videos from the war in Ukraine into a searchable visual database.

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New videos, verified by The Washington Post, from the besieged Ukrainian city of Mariupol show the lifeless bodies of more than a dozen civilians lying on streets.

Drone videos captured in late March show military vehicles used by Russian airborne units near at least eight bodies in a suburb near Kyiv.

Several burned bodies are visible in the first detailed videos and photographs of the rubble of a nursing home in eastern Ukraine that was partly destroyed amid fighting in the area last month.

Some Ukrainian officials dismissed the video that appears to show soldiers shooting Russian prisoners of war as Kremlin propaganda, without citing evidence.

Leaders of a breakaway area in the Donetsk region announced that together with Russian authorities, they had set up a “city of 30 tents” for Mariupol residents.

Russia's logistical difficulties, flagging morale and insufficient manpower were possibly exacerbated by the loss of a warship. But the setback is likely minimal for Russian logistical efforts, an expert said.

Russia is turning to air, artillery, and rocket and missile bombardments of Ukrainian cities to offset the lack of momentum by troops on the ground.

New satellite imagery, alongside video and photos verified by The Post, shows destruction in Mariupol's city center, including severe damage to the Mariupol Drama Theater.

A Washington Post analysis verified nine incidents where hospitals faced direct damage as a result of a reported Russian attack. Three of the facilities specifically served women or children.

The Ukraine State Emergency Service shared photos of the smoking remnants of the jet found in Chernihiv.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and top Russian officials for months have been denying that Moscow is preparing to mount an invasion of neighboring Ukraine. But military analysts say videos posted to TikTok and other social media platforms tell another story.

Aid workers at the displacement camp in Tigray hit by the drone strike were adamant that the people killed and wounded were civilians fleeing the war rather than combatants in it.

Exclusive documents and imagery reveal how Myanmar's military planned and executed a scorched-earth campaign, burning villages and shooting civilians, in restive Chin state.

Using exclusive video, interviews with witnesses and expert crowd analysis, The Post reconstructed the chaos in one section of the audience at rapper Travis Scott’s music festival.

Videos of the night show a chaotic scene in which concertgoers tried to yell for help but were drowned out by loud music. The videos, mostly taken by members of the crowd, reveal a sense of panic that spiraled over the 70 minutes in which Scott performed his set.

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