The 2020 Candidates: Andrew Yang
The Washington Post Live welcomed businessman and Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang on Oct. 21 to discuss his upstart presidential campaign that began as a long shot but now has everyone in politics paying close attention. Yang explained his controversial “freedom dividend” plan, which would give $1,000 a month to every American adult over 18 years of age. He’ll also talked about his support for ‘Medicare for All’ and his strategy for winning the Democratic nomination.
The Washington Post Live's one-on-one interview series The 2020 Candidates features the men and women running for president as they make their case on key issues and how they hope to set themselves apart from a crowded field. Washington Post National political reporter Robert Costa is the moderator of The 2020 Candidates series.
When asked whether he thinks former Vice President Joe Biden goes far enough on policy on the campaign trail, Democratic candidate Andrew Yang said he doesn’t think policy is a main focus of Biden’s campaign. ‘i don’t think he’s really leading on policy. I think he’s leading on...his own bio and his set of experience and a restoration of the Obama-Biden Administration.’
  • Oct 21
Democratic candidate Andrew Yang on whether he would be open to serving on the Democratic ticket in the event that he did not clinch the nomination: “Of course. I’m not someone who had some crazy, native desire to be president since I was a kid, because I’m not insane.”
  • Oct 21
Commenting on which candidate is closest to his view of the world, Yang said, “The only person who has taken me aside and said that we need to worry about the fourth industrial revolution because it could potentially tear our country apart is Joe Biden.”
  • Oct 21
When asked what he will do if he loses the Democratic nomination, Andrew Yang said he will support the Democratic nominee and will not run on an Independent ticket. ‘I would never do anything that would increase the chance of Donald Trump becoming president. The goal is to beat that man.’
  • Oct 21
When asked repeatedly if he stands in solidarity with protesters in Hong Kong, Yang finally answered, “Yeah sure...I think most Americans stand in solidarity with the people of Hong Kong.” He added that he applauds the NBA for not bending to pressures from China to discipline Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey’s tweet of support for protesters in Hong Kong. He also says LeBron James’ comments were “probably something that he could have worded a little bit differently.”
  • Oct 21
When asked how he is different from Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Andrew Yang said he doesn’t believe Warren sees automation and the fourth industrial revolution as a problem. ‘She believes that bad trade deals were a primary driver of the lost four million manufacturing jobs, and that if we change the rules then the economy will reformat itself in positive ways...I think we’re going through the greatest transformation in the history of our country. That changing the rules will not change the reality on the ground for many Americans.’
  • Oct 21
Andrew Yang
Democratic Presidential Candidate
Andrew Yang is an author and entrepreneur who, in 2011, founded Venture for America, a non-profit that created thousands of jobs in Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and other cities throughout the country. In his book The War on Normal People, he explains the mounting crisis of the automation of labor and makes the case for the Freedom Dividend, a Universal Basic Income of $1,000 a month for every American, along with hundreds of other policies to put Humanity First. Andrew was named a Presidential Ambassador of Entrepreneurship by the White House under the Obama administration and a Champion of Change for his work with Venture for America, and he’s running for President in 2020 to bring his bold vision for a trickle-up economy, investing in American families, to the White House.
Interviewed by Robert Costa
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