Helping America’s Kids: A Conversation with Jennifer Garner and Mark Shriver

With countless school closures across the country and around the world, people are coming together to fight child food insecurity amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Save the Children’s Mark Shriver and Actress Jennifer Garner join Washington Post Live to discuss #SaveWithStories, a celebrity storytelling initiative that is raising funds to help feed and provide educational supplies to children affected by the coronavirus.
  • Apr 24
#SaveWithStories is a celebrity storytelling initiative that helps provide food and educational resources to children affected by the coronavirus. Save the Children’s Mark Shriver and actress Jennifer Garner share how the initiative came to be.
  • Apr 24
Sixty percent of children under the age of 5 are in some form of childcare, yet there has been no federal support since the outbreak. Save the Children’s Mark Shriver said the lack of funding is a huge issue that needs to be addressed. ‘This is the backbone for American workers. I mean, you can’t go to work if you can’t put your kid in childcare.’
  • Apr 24
With schools closed across the country, the coronavirus pandemic has also highlighted the digital divide in America and the lack of resources public schools possess. Save the Children’s Mark Shriver said, “The schools are on such thin margins…The schools cant afford to Xerox work study that gets sent home with the kids…For kids in poverty, especially rural poverty where the utilization rates are a third less than they are for kids in urban centers, we’re in the 20th Century, if we’re lucky.”
  • Apr 24
When asked if they would take a meeting at the White House to discuss funding and other priorities, Save the Children’s Mark Shriver responded, “Absolutely.” Actress Jennifer Garner added, “Yes, absolutely…We’re agnostic.”
  • Apr 24
Celebrities around the world have read stories as part of Save the Children’s #SaveWithStories initiative. When asked which celebrities she would like to have read stories next, actress Jennifer Garner said, ‘Gosh, I mean, Oprah, President Obama, Mrs. Obama...I think Meryl Streep would be amazing. I think Tom Hanks would be stellar.’
  • Apr 24
Jennifer Garner
Actress and Activist
Mark Shriver
President, Save the Children Action Network
Interviewed by Jonathan Capehart
The Washington Post
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