Leadership During Crisis: A Conversation with Ford Motor Company CEO Jim Hackett
Ford Motor Company CEO Jim Hackett joined The Washington Post to discuss how Ford is aiding in the fight against the coronavirus and the future of auto manufacturing in the U.S.
Ford Motor Company CEO Jim Hackett said May 18 could be the first day the company is allowed to resume production in the U.S., and he’s asked the state to allow them to start staging materials for that date. ‘We’ve asked for an investment by the [state government] to let us start to stage materials. We’re talking about 500-800 truckloads of materials that have been sitting, waiting to get flown into factories that start to generate production that can’t move.”
  • May 1, 2020
In addition to wearing protective gear and working at safe distances, Ford Motor Company CEO Jim Hackett says workers also have to go through a screening process every day before they can enter the facility. He says the company hopes to eventually add testing to its safety procedure. ‘To get in the building, you have to go through thermo-imaging, you have to fill out a questionnaire and you have to do that every day. Eventually…there needs to be a testing protocol.” He added Ford has created a 70-page detailed playbook of safety precautions, which has been made open information.
  • May 1, 2020
As many businesses begin to plan for their reopening amid the coronavirus pandemic, Ford Motor Company CEO Jim Hackett said he’s optimistic about the company’s future. He says 90 percent of the company’s portfolio will be brand new, including its new electric Mustang. “My belief is that demand will come back fairly well, even in the face of unemployment challenges because we saw what happened in China, and that is what is happening there.”
  • May 1, 2020
Ford Motor Company quickly pivoted from making vehicles to producing ventilators and other medical products when the coronavirus struck the U.S. Ford CEO Jim Hackett said state governments and FEMA were among its earliest customers for the materials. “The distribution and the supply chains, everything was in chaos. Again, Ford has a lot of skill in coordinating that…We distribute the ventilators to state governments, as well as to FEMA, and everything is flowing really well, frankly. ”
  • May 1, 2020
Jim Hackett
President and CEO, Ford Motor Company
Interviewed by David Ignatius
The Washington Post
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