April 22

Leading the Fight Against Climate Change

On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, The Washington Post presents two statesmen, one from each political party, working together to help save the planet. Former Secretary of State John Kerry and former Ohio Governor John Kasich talk about their partnership through Kerry’s latest effort, called World War Zero, and why the coronavirus accelerates the need for action by lawmakers, business leaders and private citizens.
Former Secretary of State John Kerry, who founded the climate change initiative World War Zero, says while there’s no direct link between the climate crisis and the coronavirus, pandemics will move more rapidly and more easily around the world as we warm and as populations are dislocated because of the climate crisis. ‘The link is when the scientists speak, listen. When the experts are telling you, ‘Here’s what’s over the horizon,’ get ready and be prepared.’
  • Apr 22
Former Secretary of State John Kerry said that he’s “delighted” that Joe Biden is the presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee. He said that the former Vice President has forged relationships with people around the world and across party lines and knows what needs to be done to help fight climate change. ‘I think he’s the right person, at the right moment...It’s only through inclusivity, not exclusivity, that you’re going to get [action on climate change] done.’
  • Apr 22
When asked what it would take to get Republicans on board with fighting climate change, former Ohio Gov. John Kasich said people within the party have to stand up against deniers. ‘With corona we’ll have a vaccine, with this there is no vaccine if we don’t mitigate today...Stand up and be a leader, but isn’t that what we’ve been asking for, not just on this issue but a lot of issues. Be willing to make a mark for yourself, and saving this planet is a great mark to make.’
  • Apr 22
Former Ohio Gov. John Kasich calls the coronavirus pandemic a ‘black swan event’ saying that is should make us rethink our economy and our over-reliance on other governments for essential goods. ‘Nothing is going to go back to normal, and we need to learn to this...I mean, how can we be in a position where 163 of our major drugs are being made in China and India, and when we need to get them, we have to depend on them because someone wanted to save a buck. It’s stupid.’
  • Apr 22
John Kerry
Former Secretary of State and Founder, World War Zero
John Kasich
Former Ohio Governor
Interviewed by Mary Jordan
The Washington Post
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