Jane Rosenthal, film producer and Tribeca Enterprises CEO, joined Washington Post Live to kick off The Path Forward, a new series featuring live interviews with industry leaders charting a course through the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.
Jane Rosenthal, film producer and Tribeca Enterprises CEO, says organizations across the entertainment industry, like the Directors Guild of America and movie theaters, are forming task forces to determine how to resume production and make venues safe for audiences.
  • May 5
Shuttered by the coronavirus, film festivals from around the world are teaming up to launch “We Are One: A Global Film Festival.” The virtual film festival will span 10 days and will be available for free on YouTube. Jane Rosenthal, film producer and Tribeca Enterprises CEO, says the festival was created to bring people together and allow them to support artists.
  • May 5
When asked whether she thinks streaming services will takeover as a main form of movie distribution, Tribeca Enterprises CEO Jane Rosenthal said she believes streaming services and movie theaters will ‘co-exist.’ She added that the coronavirus pandemic could also help drive-in theaters re-emerge as an option for theater-goers. “We are currently talking with IMAX and a number of our sponsors and colleagues about doing a drive-in…being able to have amazing sounds that will come through your Bluetooth, or another technology. I think without question it will come back.”
  • May 5
AMC has said it will no longer play Universal films because the studio is “breaking the business model.’ Tribeca Enterprises CEO Jane Rosenthal praised Universal for their quick action in getting new content out to families who are stuck at home and said AMC has to ‘look at life in a pandemic.’
  • May 5
Tribeca Enterprises CEO Jane Rosenthal has produced many films, including comedies like “Meet the Parents” and “Meet the Fockers.” When asked whether she thinks there will be comedies in the future that portray life under quarantine, she said, ‘There is some comedy that will come out of this. I think we all need a good laugh. It is the crazy things that you’re doing…for me, personally, I have discovered the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, I walk around with that in my pocket...We have to laugh.’
  • May 5
Jane Rosenthal
Film Producer and Tribeca Enterprises CEO
Jane Rosenthal is an Oscar and Emmy nominated producer and CEO and Co-Founder of Tribeca Enterprises, a global media company that encompasses the Tribeca Film Festival and award-winning branded content division Tribeca Studios. Under Jane’s leadership, it was announced on April 27, 2020 that Tribeca launched We Are One: A Global Film Festival in partnership with YouTube. Most recently, she produced Martin Scorsese’s Academy Award nominated "The Irishman,” starring Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Harvey Keitel, and Al Pacino, as well as the Emmy nominated limited series “When They See Us,” directed by Ava DuVernay. Her more than 50 credits include producing one of the highest-grossing comedy franchises of all time: “Meet the Parents” (2000), “Meet the Fockers” (2004), and “Little Fockers” (2010), as well as Academy Award-winning “Bohemian Rhapsody”, and the Grammy Award-winning and Emmy-nominated documentary “Quincy,” about legendary music producer Quincy Jones. In 2002, following the September 11th attacks, Rosenthal and Robert De Niro established the Tribeca Film Festival to revive lower Manhattan through the healing power of film and storytelling. The inaugural festival stood as a powerful symbol of resilience, showing how the creative community could play an impactful role in the economic revitalization of the city.
Interviewed by Robert Costa
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