May 13 at 11:00 a.m. ET
Washington Post Live hosted Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo and Mozilla CEO Mitchell Baker on Wednesday, May 13 for back-to-back interviews at 11:00 a.m. ET.
Gov. Raimondo signed an executive order requiring all Rhode Islanders to wear face masks when in public spaces. She says she balances public health and economic health concerns when making decisions. ‘It’s like every decision we’re making now, every governor is in a tough spot, everything is a balance. I have no good options. Option A is a poor option, option B is poor and I have the choose between two difficult options, balancing – in my judgment – public health with economic health.”
  • May 13
Gov. Raimondo says the state is working on an app that would help citizens find testing locations, receive results, track their symptoms and find options for isolation. ‘We are hoping that this app will make it easier to meet the need of Rhode Islanders and meet them where they are.
  • May 13
Discussing a “one-stop app” that would include opt-in location tracking to help contact tracing efforts, Gov. Gina Raimondo says only the user and the Department of Health, with permission, would have access to the data collected. “Not even the company providing the app to us will have access to your data…[The Rhode Island Department of Health would] only keep it for as long as is necessary to complete the case investigation ... It’s then automatically destroyed … It will never get into the hands of a for-profit company, and it is protected by HIPAA.”
  • May 13
Mozilla chairwoman and CEO Mitchell Baker says that while many governments say users will be able to opt-in to the contact tracing apps they’re developing, some users may feel coerced into using the app, especially if opting-out means they can’t go to certain businesses. ‘I think the question of how many of us opt-in is partly how many of us want to in the beginning, and how limited we are if you don’t opt-in…Just note that what starts out as voluntary with all good intents can easily become quite coercive.”
  • May 13
Mitchell Baker, the chairwoman and CEO of Mozilla, says there are a number of questions citizens should ask public health officials and governments proposing contact tracing applications, including: “What data are you collecting? Where it is going? When and how is it being used? And, when is it being destroyed?’
  • May 13
As many students around the country participate in distance learning, Mozilla chairwoman and CEO Mitchell Baker says parents should look into what options their school system might have to protect their child’s privacy and security. “At Mozilla we just published a privacy guide for teleconferencing apps...If you have a choice among different apps, you can make those choices.”
  • May 13
Gov. Gina Raimondo
Gina M. Raimondo, the 75th Governor of Rhode Island and its first woman governor, grew up in Smithfield in a tight-knit Italian-American family, the youngest of Joseph and Josephine Raimondo's three children. Gina's family history and her childhood experiences shaped her core beliefs in hard work, opportunity for all, and the importance of financial security. In November 2010, Gina was elected to serve as General Treasurer of Rhode Island, receiving the largest number of votes of any statewide candidate. When Gina took office as General Treasurer, she tackled the state's $7 billion unfunded pension liability. She was sworn into office as Governor in January 2015 and won a second term this past November with the largest victory Rhode Island has seen in more than a generation. During her time in office, Governor Raimondo has kick-started the state’s economy and created thousands of jobs. Rhode Island’s unemployment rate—the highest in the country during her first campaign for governor—is now in line with the national average and the lowest it’s been in three decades. Gina’s made record investments in infrastructure and education. Under her leadership, Rhode Island became the fourth state in the country to offer tuition-free community college for every high school graduate. Gina and Andy live in Providence with their two kids, Ceci and Tommy, and their rescue dog, Sparky.
Mitchell Baker
CEO, Mozilla
Mitchell Baker co-founded the Mozilla Project to support the open, innovative web and ensure it continues offering opportunities for everyone. As CEO of Mozilla Corporation, Mitchell is focused on accelerating the growth levers for the core Firefox browser product and platform, while investing in innovative solutions to mitigate the biggest challenges facing the internet. As Chairwoman of Mozilla for the last two decades, Mitchell Baker has been responsible for organizing and motivating a massive, worldwide, collective of employees and volunteers who are building the internet as a global public resource, open and accessible to all. Mitchell is deeply engaged in developing product offerings that promote the mission of empowering individuals. She also guides the overall scope and direction of Mozilla’s mission. Mitchell has written the key documents that set out Mozilla's enduring mission and commitments -- the Mozilla Public License in 1998, the Mozilla Manifesto in 2007 and the Mozilla Manifesto Addendum -- also known as the Pledge for a Healthy Internet -- in 2018. Mitchell is a strong advocate for the open internet, open source, and the importance of connecting technology to its impact on individuals and society. She is highly regarded as one of the pioneers of the web and bringing the open internet to consumers. She was instrumental in Netscape’s decision in 1998 to release its source code to the public. This later led to the release of the Firefox browser and the creation of the Mozilla Foundation as a global technology force that spans software product development, educational initiatives, and participatory movements. After co-founding the Mozilla Project, Mitchell served as its general manager and CEO from 1999 until January 2008, when the organization’s rapid growth encouraged her to split her responsibilities and add a CEO.
Interviewed by Frances Stead Sellers
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