June 18 at 5:15 p.m. ET
As 2020 shapes up to be a year of world-altering events, YouTube and other social media platforms have been essential tools for the public to entertain themselves, find crucial information about COVID-19, view footage of protests, and refine their beliefs heading into a consequential presidential election.
YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki joins Washington Post Silicon Valley correspondent Elizabeth Dwoskin to discuss the platform’s surging usage during the pandemic, efforts to combat misinformation and the increased scrutiny that comes with being a primary source of information on the internet on Thursday, June 18 at 5:15 p.m. ET.
YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki says the viral ‘plandemic’ video that spread misinformation about COVID-19 was a violation of the platform’s policies when it was initially uploaded. Users employed a variety of tactics to keep the video from circulating despite YouTube’s best efforts.
  • Jun 18
YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki says the video platform’s systems do not understand race or other demographics, but that “machine learning fairness is a huge area of work across the industry, at Google and at YouTube” and that they take allegations of algorithmic racial bias very seriously.
  • Jun 18
YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki says she is ‘very concerned’ about efforts to repeal Section 230 immunity for internet companies. Wojcicki emphasizes that Sect. 230 – a federal law that protects tech companies from being sued or held liable for content on their sites – also protects platforms from liability when they take down content that violates their policies.
  • Jun 18
YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki says the company treats content uploaded by elected officials the same as any other user. ‘If there is an elected official and they… post content that is hateful or promotes violence in some way...that will be basis for removal of that content.”
  • Jun 18
Susan Wojcicki
CEO, YouTube
Elizabeth Dwoskin
Silicon Valley Correspondent, The Washington Post
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