Aasif Mandvi’s wide-ranging career includes acting, writing, producing and time as a correspondent in the Jon Stewart era of “The Daily Show.” He currently stars in the shows “Evil” and “This Way Up.” On Thursday, Sept. 9 at 2:00pm ET, Washington Post columnist Ishaan Tharoor speaks with Mandvi about his latest projects, challenging cultural stereotypes and taking on Islamophobia in his work.


Actor Aasif Mandvi shared his memories of Sept. 11, 2001 and the impact of rising Islamophobia. “Suddenly, every person who was raised Muslim or came from a Muslim family suddenly was in this bizarre position...I felt like I had to defend this religion that I had just grown up with.” (Washington Post Live)
Actor Aasif Mandvi says a lot of the “post-9/11 Muslim artists” that have become popular have come through comedy because the genre is an “access point” that allows people to deal with “uncomfortable conversation” and “truths.” "When you're laughing with someone, you can’t hate them. I mean, you recognize some universal sort of truth about them or about yourself, and it’s a kind of simpatico happens in comedy that doesn’t happened in drama or other genres.” (Washington Post Live)
Actor Aasif Mandvi talks about the impact of what he calls “psychic colonialism” on the representation of people of color in storytelling. “For so long, when I was starting out in Hollywood…White people were the norm and then everyone else was 'other,' and everything that people of color did or the stories that were interesting were always stories that were in relation to White people...I never in my own self felt, never felt like I had the agency to explore stories of, human stories of depression or marital strife or, you know, drug abuse…or, you know, stories of, my own mundane stories of human life. Those stories were sort of reserved for ‘White people.’” (Washington Post Live)

Aasif Mandvi

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Aasif Mandvi is a Peabody award winning actor, writer, creator, comedian, author and producer. Widely known for his work as a correspondent on the multi-Emmy-winning, THE DAILY SHOW WITH JON STEWART, Mandvi is currently starring in two television series and is host to a podcast. He currently stars in EVIL created by Robert and Michelle King, currently streaming season 2 on Paramount Plus. He has a recurring role on the UK series THIS WAY UP with Aisling Bea which is in its second season and available on Hulu. He also lends his voice to the character of Sahil on Disney’s MIRA, ROYAL DETECTIVE, currently in season 2.