Ten-time NBA All-Star, author and philanthropist Carmelo Anthony sits down with Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart to discuss his new book, “Where Tomorrows Aren’t Promised,” which explores how he overcame the odds of poverty, racism, violence, mental illness and a broken education system to become one of the world’s most successful athletes. Anthony faced palpable dangers growing up – often struggling to survive physically and mentally. He will discuss how those experiences shaped him into the man he is today.


After 19 years playing in the NBA against each other, Anthony said teaming up with Lebron James was “a long time coming.” “It’s a long time coming… At this point in time in our 19th season, together, you know we’re going to try and win a world championship. That’s the exciting part.” (Washington Post Live)
The NBA All-Star said the video of George Floyd’s killing motivated him “to fight back.” “It was time to fight back… in a way. It was disturbing. If you was a human being, you was disturbed by it… That was the last straw. The George Floyd thing really just took the lid off of it, and people exploded.” (Washington Post Live)
In exploring the neighborhoods where he grew up, the NBA All-Star says his new book takes readers “into a world… a lot of people are afraid of.” “It fills out the whole spectrum when you talk about Carmelo Anthony as a person, as a basketball player, as a human. Everything that I’ve been through, all my experiences… it put me in a position where I’m able to speak back and give people some insight, some advice. And bring them into a world that a lot of people are afraid of.” (Washington Post Live)

Carmelo Anthony

A leader and pioneer on the basketball court, Carmelo Anthony has led a storied career as both a ten-time NBA All-Star and four-time Olympian. He is the only male basketball player to win three Olympic gold medals in history, and his legacy continues today with the Portland Trail Blazers. Anthony’s incredible career on the court has paved the way for his many other brands, business ventures, and philanthropic efforts on a global platform, but lesser known are the seemingly immeasurable odds the All-Star overcame growing up amidst poverty, racism, violence, mental illness, and a broken education system. Anthony’s roots propel his passion for giving back to those that need it most, and in 2005 he founded The Carmelo Anthony Foundation as a vehicle for actionable change through a variety of community outreach programs, disaster relief initiatives, and donations. Today, Anthony remains a leading voice at the forefront of the ongoing fight for social justice, championing actionable change that pushes society and the next generation forward