As the Republican governor of New Jersey, one of the nation’s bluest states, Chris Christie embraced bipartisan politics. Now his focus has turned to saving his own party. In his new book, “Republican Rescue: Saving the Party from Truth Deniers, Conspiracy Theorists, and the Dangerous Policies of Joe Biden,” the former presidential candidate gives his unfiltered take on the Biden agenda and how to save the future of the GOP.


“I can tell you from talking to grassroot Republicans, while they still admire much of what the president [Trump] did… many of them are turned off by the continuing talk of the election being stolen in 2020 which prevents our party from focusing on what Joe Biden is up to right now.” (Washington Post Live)
“Joe Biden campaigned as a uniter, as a moderate… And then once he becomes president, he allows Bernie Sanders to essentially write the first draft of his ‘Build Back Better’ plan.” (Washington Post Live)
“If I decide I’m going to run, I don’t care who else is running… Frankly, anybody who says they’re going to defer is disqualifying themselves from the presidency.” (Washington Post Live)

Chris Christie

Chris Christie served two terms as the 55th governor of New Jersey, ran for president in 2016, and chaired Donald Trump’s transition to the White House. Prior to that, he was United States Attorney for the District of New Jersey. He has chaired the Republican Governors Association and President Trump’s Opioid and Drug Abuse Commission. Since leaving office, he’s been a regular commentator on ABC News.