Quiara Alegría Hudes is a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright who also wrote the book for the musical “In the Heights” and screenplay for its film adaptation. Washington Post national correspondent Arelis R. Hernández speaks with Hudes about her memoir “My Broken Language,” on growing up between cultures and how her roots have shaped her creative voice.


“The thing is, I’m not a great plug-n-play write, so I kind of couldn’t fake it until I make it. I had to write from the heart and I had to write from the gut, always.” (Washington Post Live)
“One of the things I hope is a result of this book is just simply more books right beside mine on the bookshelf… I want those library shelves to buckle under our weight.” (Washington Post Live)
“I love our cast… and I love our movie… but I do see with hindsight that it was my first movie and I recognized two… three times where I could have been louder in the room… My takeaway is I’ve gotta do better next time.” (Washington Post Live)

Quiara Alegría Hudes

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Quiara Alegría Hudes is the Pulitzer Prize–winning playwright of Water by the Spoonful and the author of a memoir, My Broken Language. She wrote the book for the Tony-winning Broadway musical In the Heights and later adapted it for the screen. Her notable essays include “High Tide of Heartbreak” in American Theatre magazine and “Corey Couldn’t Take It Anymore” in The Cut. As a prison reform activist, Hudes and her cousin founded Emancipated Stories, a platform where people behind bars can share one page of their life story with the world. She lives with her family in New York but frequently returns to her native Philly.