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Race in America: Rise in Anti-Asian Violence with Amanda Nguyen

Rise founder & CEO Amanda Nguyen joins Washington Post Live (Video: The Washington Post)
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One year ago, a gunman killed eight people including six Asian women in Atlanta. The attack was one of a record number of anti-Asian hate crimes around the country since the coronavirus pandemic began. Join Washington Post Live for a conversation with Amanda Nguyen, CEO of the nonprofit civil rights organization Rise, about the impact of these attacks, her organization’s work and the role of education in raising greater awareness about the history of Asian American Pacific Islander communities.

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“Today is a difficult moment for our community. And what I can describe is feeling like my soul is being torn in half. On one side, we see the incredible Asian excellence that’s out there…Then you switch the channel and we hear about our sisters being pushed in front of trains, being slaughtered in their own homes. It feels like a nightmare." - Amanda Nguyen (Video: Washington Post Live)
“Unfortunately, these acts of violence that have been targeted towards the Asian American community, especially women have existed pre-COVID. The pandemic absolutely exacerbated these issues, especially when we had leaders saying things like, “China virus” or “China flu.” This reality has existed before. The intersection of race and gender is one that we cannot overlook. Today as we’re gathering to remember the grief of the Atlanta spa massacre…all of these things bring us to this moment where we’re saying no more.” - Amanda Nguyen (Video: Washington Post Live)
“I’m here to tell you that if you need to say something, you can say it and the world will listen…What you have to say really matters. Your life, your voice, your story, all of it does…No one is powerless when we come together and no one invisible when we demand to be seen. So, demand to be seen.” - Amanda Nguyen (Video: Washington Post Live)
“There is a generational divide about this, we’re seeing it now. On one hand we have an older generation whose values and advice are rooted in survival. And now we’re seeing younger activists, younger Asian Americans saying…is it really surviving if we have to swallow all of this pain?” - Amanda Nguyen (Video: Washington Post Live)

Amanda Nguyen